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Europe is most beautiful in spring. The hills and streets bloom in stunning colors, transforming every corner into beautiful live paintings. From French gardens to wild English gardens and Italian villas gardens, there are more gardens in Europe than in any other part of the world. If you are planning a spring or summer vacation in Europe then you simply must visit one of these 10 most beautiful gardens in Europe.


1. Versailles, France

Water fountains, green lavish lands, make the gardens of Versailles top our 10 most beautiful gardens in Europe.

800 hectares of land constitute the garden of Versailles. The winding paths, 35 km of water canals and statues, impress travelers from around the world. Undoubtedly, Versailles is a great day trip from Paris, and once you arrive you will be blown away by its beauty.

How To Get To Versailles Gardens?

The gardens are located in the town of Versailles, about an hour by train from Paris.

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Versailles, France Most Old and Beautiful Gardens in Europe


2. Keukenhof, The Netherlands

More than 7 million Dutch tulips welcome visitors every spring in the beautiful Keukenhof Gardens. The largest flower garden in the world opens its gates in April and May. The tulips’ blossom is one of the biggest events in the Netherlands.

Where Are Keukenhof Gardens?

The gardens are in Lisse, in the heart of Bollenstreek. Just half an hour by train from Amsterdam.

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Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands


3. Villa D’este Gardens, Rome Italy

A stunning example of the Renaissance in Italy, Ville d’Este gardens in Tivoli are captivating. This lovely garden is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Europe.

Open all-year-round, the garden of 1000 fountains is just 30 km from Rome. One of the striking features you will notice about it is the terraced garden design, and water fountains together with hydraulic music. 

How To Reach Villa D’este Garden In Tivoli?

Tivoli is easily reachable by train from Rome and then a shuttle bus from the train station.

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Villa D’este, Rome Italy Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe


4. Isola Bella Garden, Italy

Isola Bella gardens are in the middle of Lake Maggiore. The Borromean Islands in Northern Italy, are lovely examples of Baroque style palace and Italian gardens.

Thanks to the mild climate in the Borromean Gulf, you’ll find many rare and exotic flowers in the Isola Bella gardens. In addition, ponds, fountains, and even white peacocks will complete the stunning setting for your travel pics.

How To Reach Isola Bella Gardens From Milan?

Isola Bella gardens are a wonderful day-trip from Milan. You can travel from Milan central within an hour by train and a boat ride from Stresa.

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Isola Bella, Italy


5. Petrin Hill, Prague

Petrin Hill is a beautiful retreat from the crowds of tourists. Lavish green, trees, and winding paths take you to the breathtaking views of Prague’s bridges and castle. For unforgettable city views, you should head to Petrin Hill tower located up the paths in the gardens.

Petrin Hill gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. You can easily spend a relaxed afternoon or lazy morning enjoying the views.

How To Get To Petrin Hill Gardens?

Located in the center of Prague, you can walk or take the metro to the gardens from any corner in the city.

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Petrin Hill, Prague


6. Marqueyssac Gardens, France

The most unique gardens in Europe are definitely the suspending gardens of Marqueyssac in France. Suspending over Dordogne valley is the masterpiece of no other than Andre le Notre, planner of Versailles gardens.

The uniqueness of the gardens lies in the topiary art of 150,000 hand-trimmed boxwoods situated in a network of paths like a maze. The gardens surround 17th-century chateaux and overlook the Dordogne valley. For a truly magical visit, plan your trip on Thursday evening, when the garden is lit by candlelight.

How To Get To Marqueyssac Gardens?

The gardens are located between the wine regions in France. Marqueyssac gardens are a 2 hours’ train ride from Bordeaux.

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Marqueyssac Gardens, France a Unique Beautiful Gardens in Europe


7. Ludwigsburg Palace, Germany

Known as Bluhenden Barock in German, meaning Baroque in blossom, Ludwigsburg Palace Garden is magnificent. Similar to Versailles gardens decorating the palace lands, this German garden blossoms every spring in roses, green plants,  and even a Japanese inspired garden with Bonsai trees.

The symmetrical Baroque garden was designed in the French style to complement the palace.

How To Get To Ludwigsburg Palace Garden?

The garden is located outside of Stuttgart, and it is a 30 minutes ride by public transportation.

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Ludwigsburg Palace, Germany Most Fruitful and Beautiful Gardens In Europe


8. Mainau Island Gardens, Germany

The beauty in Mainau flowers island is that there’s always something blooming. This amazing garden is located in Lake Constance. The semi-tropical climate is ideal for both tropical flowers and an English rose garden.

The garden was created in the 19th century by prince Nikolaus von Esterhazy. Today this 45 hectares’ garden welcomes millions of visitors all year round for the orchid show that opens the spring season.

How To Get To Mainau Garden?

You can travel by bus from Konstanz train station, car ferries from the surrounding villages, or by car.

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Mainau Island Gardens, Germany


9. Giardino Sigurta Garden Verona, Italy

Parco Giardino Sigurta is an Italian paradise. This spectacular garden was first created as a small garden surrounding farmers’ villa. With time it expanded to the vast garden it is today.  Giardino Sigurta garden is a sanctuary to 1,500 trees, and a million flowers of 300 different types that bloom each spring. In summer the 18 garden’s lakes and ponds become a sanctuary for locals and travelers from around the world.

How To Get To Parco Giardino Sigurta?

Giardino Sigurta garden is 8 km south of Lake Garda and 25 km from Mantua. You can travel by train from Verona, and then take the bus to Valeggio Sul Mincio.

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10. Hallerbos Gardens Brussels, Belgium

Once a year, Hallerbos forest in Halle, blossoms into a fairytale-like garden. Thanks to lovely bluebells, from late April to mid-May the green lands transform into a blue kingdom.

Moreover, Hallerbos garden is home to deer and rabbits. In just an hour train ride from the capital, you could step into beautiful winding paths of the blue forest.  So, if you plan on visiting Belgium in spring, remember to stop by one of the beautiful forests in Europe and take the round-trip walk down the yellow path.

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Hallerbos Gardens Brussels, Belgium


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