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Secretive recipes, mind-blowing tastes, and highly alcoholic, the world’s best bars and clubs serve these 10 must-try alcohol drinks. From China to Europe, some of the 10 alcohol drinks to try worldwide are a few hundred years old. Nonetheless, they are so popular, and grabbing a drink or 2, on your holiday is an experience not to be missed.

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1. Alcohol Drinks To Try Worldwide: Aperol Spritz Italy

Wine-based cocktail, Aperol Spritz is delicious and its ingredients will make just in the right amount tipsy before the main courses arrive. Spritz is a classic popular aperitif in Northern Italy, first originated in Venice. The spritz is a mix of Campari, prosecco, and soda water, on ice, so it is ideal for freshening up on your city break holiday.

You will most likely see the orange-reddish-colored drink in high wine glasses, on almost every restaurant table in Italy. Aperol spritz is refreshing and perfect for the Mediterranean hot summer days, so you simply must try this alcoholic drink when dining in Italy.

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Aperol Spritz capture In Italy


2. Absinthe France

After being banned for 100 years in France, the Green Fairy is gaining popularity back. This green alcoholic drink was a favorite among Parisian writers and artists in the 19-20th century, mostly in Montmartre. Absinthe is one of the 10 strongest alcohol drinks to try worldwide.

Today, you can have a shot of absinthe, but only a shot since this drink is very strong, in many bars in Paris. La Fee Verte, Lulu White, L’Absinthe Cafe, are a few of the best places where you can try the strongest alcoholic drink in the world. However, the basic ingredients you will taste in every form of absinthe are anise, wormwood flowers, and sweet fennel.

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Absinthe on fire In France


3. Sangria Spain

You probably didn’t know that “Sangria” originates from the word “Sangre”, blood, in Spanish. Nothing to be worried about regarding this alcoholic drink’s ingredients, this special name only alludes to the strong red color. There is nothing better than a cup of Sangria in the afternoon with a dish of Paella.

The Romans were the first to create Sangria from grapes in the Middle Ages. The grape beverage became a famous alcoholic drink after a bit of alcohol to keep bacteria away. The traditional sangria was made from Tempranillo grapes, grown in the Rioja region, Spain. However, you can try this delicious alcoholic drink everywhere in Spain and Portugal.

A few recommended places with the best Sangria in Barcelona: cava and red Sangria in Arcano, watermelon with Sangria in Tickets.


Sangria & Watermelon In Spain


4. Gin England

The gin first arrived in Britain from Holland in the 18th century. The reason is Gin is made from wild berries, thus Gin is a berries-based drink mixed with soda, water, and sometimes sweetener. The gin was the first drink that brought women and men together in pubs across England. The reason is the high level of alcohol, making all inhibitions disappear.

Today, Gin is mixed with various ingredients: mint, grilled lemon slices, peppercorns, and juicy red-orange. Since Gin is highly alcoholic, you will get drunk faster than the speed of light. Thus, it is always advisable to attend bars in a group. This way you are safe from one major travel scam to avoid worldwide, like the friendly local in disguise.

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Pouring Gin at a bar


5. Becherovka Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s iconic alcohol is beer. Beer is cheaper than water in Czechia, and not many know that the must-try alcoholic drink is Becherovska. That’s right, the highly alcoholic Becherovska drink is most popular in winter. This drink consists of more than 20 types of herbs, Cinnamon flavored, mixed with pear or pineapple juice. This is due to the strong medicinal flavor, and of course the 38% alcohol.

The best place to try Becherovska is in Becher’s Bar. This cool bar is named after Josef Vitus Becher, who transformed the liquor from a digestive medicine, into the bitter liquor it is today, back in 1807.

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6. Pimm’s Cup the United Kingdom

Attending Wimbledon or Chelsea annual flower Show on your English holiday? You will probably drink more than 1 cup of Pimm. Pimms is the ultimate summer drink in England’s summer events, sweet, iced, and served with fruit, perfect for hot summer days.

However, don’t mistake this fruity drink to be just a nice punch, because it actually contains 25% alcohol. In addition, Pimms is gin-based which adds to its alcohol levels, so you might not even notice how 1-2 drinks get you more than tipsy at the biggest summer British events.


Pimm’s Cup In United Kingdom


 7. Alcohol Drinks To Try Worldwide In Winter: Gluhwein

Christmas time is one of the best times to travel in Europe, and Christmas markets are the most amazing attraction. Gluhwein is an amazing mulled wine, and you can taste it in Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, just follow the happy crowds.

Unlike red wine, Gluhwein is sweeter, mixed with citrus, spices, and cinnamon. In addition, you will buy it warm, so will provide you with a sweet and comforting break from strolling around in the cold European winter. In contrary to cold-weather drinks, Schnaps is a nice alternative to flavored alcoholic drinks to try when in Europe.

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Alcohol Drinks To Try Worldwide In Winter: Gluhwein night In Germany


8. Alcohol Drinks To Try In China: Maotai Liquor 

The national Chinese Maotai liquor is produced in Guizhou province. Maotai was first produced during the Ming dynasty in the 16th century. This must-try alcoholic Chinese drink is grain-made in a process that takes a few years until this mixture so the alcohol can breathe properly.

So, if you are traveling in China, then definitely try this unique Maotami drink. It is best to taste it at 20-25 degrees temperature, in a special tulip-shaped glass. This will allow you to taste the rich and concentrated aromas of this soy sauce-flavored Chinese liquor.


Alcohol Drinks To Try In China: Fancy Maotai Liquor


9. Grappa Italy

You can taste this delicious pomace – grape brandy is popular in Northern Italy, Switzerland, and San Marino. While you drink Aperol at lunch, the grappa is an after-dinner drink, to help digest the heavy pasta or pizza meals. Therefore, unlike classic wine you will drink in high wine glasses, the grappa will come in small glasses of 1-2 ounces.

In addition, you could try Grappa together with short espresso, or even taste it mixed in cocktails, either way, you will enjoy trying this famous Italian alcohol drink, and should pin it down to your must-try foods and drinks in Italy.

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Grappa by the river In Italy


10. Jenever Belgium

The oldest liquors in Europe, Jenever is the origin of Gin. However, today these two drinks are two very distinct alcohol drinks. When in Belgium you could try the old and young Genever, the young Gen as an aperitif, while the old Gen after-dinner as a digestive.

The Jenever is the spirit of Belgium for more than 500 years. Many travel to Belgium with the aim to taste the best Belgian beer. Nonetheless, Jenever is the traditional alcoholic drink in Belgium. If you wish to bring Belgian Jenever as a souvenir, look for the clay-made bottle, the iconic handcrafted jugs storing this amazing liquor.

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Jenever In Belgium


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