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We are listing the 5 Most beautiful forests in Europe just in time for the festive Season Holidays!  The quintessential holiday haunt for most travel lovers is the beach. But Europe has way more than a shore to explore. Join us as we take a stomp around some of the most beautiful forests in Europe.

Forget about crowded beaches with their loud children and pestering hawkers. Sometimes you can not beat the peace and tranquillity of a good forest. Being in nature truly is therapeutic, so let us take a leafy gambol around some of Europe’s most frondescent finest.


Our 1st On The List Of Most Beautiful Forests In Europe – The Bavarian Forest, Germany

The Bavarian Forest National Park is Germany’s first and largest national park, and one of the most beautiful forests in Europe. Why you may ask? We think the appeal lies in its simple yet abundant wilderness. Thanks to the man leaving it well alone! The park promises a breathtaking landscape, majestic peaks (the most famous ones being Grosser Falkenstein, Lusen, and the Grosser Rachel), extensive hiking and biking trails, mirror lakes, sports opportunities, a fascinating treetop walk, and more.

Wanting to take the family on an exciting and unique adventure whilst in the park? The treetop walk (Baumwipfelbad) at Bavarian Forest National Park promises a close encounter with nature and adventure for the entire family. A 1,300-meter long wooden barrier-free walkway leads visitors to the base of the dome shaped observation tower, offering fantastic views of the forest on the way. You can also choose to participate in exciting activities en route. However, the best is saved for the last. From the 44-meter high observation deck, you get to feast your eyes on uninterrupted views of the forest and even the snow-clad Alps.

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The Bavarian Forest, Germany, One Of the Most beautiful forests in Europe


Trillemarka Rollagsfjell Forest, Norway

Welcome to the wild wilderness! Trillemarka Rollagsfjell Nature Preserve is one of the last virgin forest areas in the nation. This is your go-to place for hiking among old forest growth, skiing on untouched mountains, and fishing in truly picturesque rivers and lakes. There is also an abundance, 93 in total, of Red Listed species. Make sure you hike to the statue called Madonna and the child, located 100 meters outside the park, for incredible views of the valley and beyond. Bring lots of layers, as the climate drastically changes throughout the area.


Belluno Dolomites, Italy

The National Park of the Belluno Dolomites extends from the Cismon valley until the Piave valley and was founded in 1990 to safeguard this territory of enormous natural value, which has already achieved note throughout the centuries for the beauty of its exclusive flora and its rarity. Consequently, the decision was made to protect its 32000 hectares of the stupendous natural panorama from winter sports development.

The area is now a national heritage site of inestimable worth where, rightly, nature rules. What we love about this park is the untouched and inaccessible location on the borders of the southeastern Alps, which in prehistoric times saw the formation of glaciers (the last disappearing over 10000 years ago!).

Differences exist between the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Bellunese Dolomites, known as the pale mountains owing to the color of the rockface. Invigorating plateaux and vertiginous rockfaces: these are the haunts of golden eagles, creatures almost legendary because of their grace, they are noble and majestic soaring through the skies and the rarity of their species.

We hope we gave you enough reasons to visits Belluno Dolomites and why we think it is one of the most beautiful forests in Europe.

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Most beautiful forests in Europe - Belluno Dolomites, Italy


Ecrins, France

The spectacular Parc National des Ecrins is one of the ten French national parks and the second largest after Vanoise. The 1000 sq km protected area straddles the Hautes Alpes and Isere departments, stretching between Bourg d’Oisans, Briancon, and Embrun. The park remains mostly unspoiled thanks to its remote location and of course, it is on our list of the most beautiful forests in Europe.

The park’s jagged mountainous terrain is defined by tumbling glaciers and fast-flowing rivers, which have created steep narrow valleys. In summer, hikers, rock climbers, mountain bikers, and river runners flock to the park to enjoy the wonderful climate and jaw-dropping scenery. In winter, snowshoeing, hut to hut ski touring and mountaineering are popular. The ski resort of Alpe d’Huez sits just beyond the boundaries of the park. Which is 10 km up the switchbacks from Bourg d’Oisans.

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Our Last On The List Of Most Beautiful Forests In Europe – A Forest In A Football Stadium, Netherlands

The Unending Attraction of Nature is a temporary art installation that is transforming the Worthersee football stadium. It is situated in Klagenfurt, and is now a forest and an art installation! 

Around 300 trees, some weighing up to six tons each will be carefully transplanted over the existing football pitch. This, give the impression of a central European forest. Once transplanted, the forest will take on a life of its own, change colors as the season turns and attract wildlife.

Go visit from 10 am until 10 pm daily (free entry)!

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A Forest In A Football Stadium, Netherlands


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