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After planning your vacation in Europe for months, the worst thing that could happen is delays and, in the worst-case scenario, travel cancellations. Train strikes, overcrowded airports, and canceled trains and flights sometimes occur in the tourism industry. Here in this article, we will advise on what to do in case of a train strike in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

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Train Strikes In Europe & UK:

So far, 2022 will be remembered as the year the travel industry blossomed due to Covid-19 relaxing, but then always there were some strikes due to the overload in this industry. In July 2022, it was announced that the rail workers and staff were on strike for the first time in 25 years. Consequently, this affected Eurostar, intercity trains, the metro, bus service, and traffic across Britain.

However, England is not alone in this chaos. Rail workers in the Netherlands, and Italy protested in August and September 2022. Thus, regional trains from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Milan, and other regional trains paused their service between 1 day to 3 days.


Why Are There Train Strikes In Europe?

The reasons for train strikes in Europe vary. However, the main reasons for train strikes are low wages, violence against rail staff, inflation, and the rising cost of living. For example, train strikes occurred in Italy due to violence against the staff, so the rail workers requested additional security protection. On the other hand, inflation was the main reason for train strikes across the UK and Scotland.


Stay Updated

It is easy to forget about everything on vacation, and checking the news is not on anyone’s holiday plans. However, keeping your ears open, chatting to the locals, or even with other tourists can be very helpful and informative. In addition. checking the local news online in your traveling destination can save you worries, and unexpected changes to your itinerary.

For instance, the national rail has posted announcements on its website regarding industrial actions. The specific strike dates were listed with guidelines for passengers. So, checking the news can play a big part when planning a European trip.

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Booking Train Tickets: Read The Small Print

Booking a train ticket has never been easier. Furthermore, today you book the train ticket online and don’t need to print it, presenting the e-ticket on your mobile upon boarding the train is sufficient. However, most people don’t bother reading the railway policy or the small print before completing the booking. This way, passengers easily miss special instructions regarding schedule changes, delays, and in extreme situations – train strikes.

In addition, if you are counting on asking at the train station, then you might be surprised. Sometimes the station staff joins the rail workers in protest, thus, ticket offices close for the strikes too. Therefore, you should always read the small print while booking tickets and in strike date announcements online.

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Train strikes in Europe and UK


Download Traveling Apps

Downloading useful apps before traveling has become one of the essential things to do to have a fantastic trip. Save A Train app on your mobile makes traveling by train the safest and most comfortable. The app helps you get the best tickets at the best rates and stay updated on your journey.

The best thing about apps is that you will receive immediate updates on your train journey anywhere you are. For instance, if there are delays or changes to the train departure time, you receive a notification, which is especially useful in case of train strikes in Europe.


FAQ: What To Do In Case Of A Train Strike?

What to do in case my original train is canceled?

Check the rail company website for alternative train schedules or contact the Rail agent you bought the ticket from. Most often the train service is reduced, so you can either take an earlier or later train. This way, you still travel by train, which is quick and most comfortable compared to taking the bus or renting a car.

What to do if you arrive at the train station and find out about the train cancelation?

If you arrive at the train station and realize the train is canceled, first check when the next train is. If the proposed train schedule is insufficient, and you might arrive late for your destination, you can consider taking a taxi. You could receive a refund for your train ticket by contacting the railway station office or online if you booked the train ticket online.

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What To Do In Case Of A Train Strike?


Can I receive a refund for my train ticket in case of a train strike?

In case of a train strike, you can receive a refund for your train ticket after the departure time of your original train. In other words, you cannot request a refund before your original traveling time. However, you should check upon booking the train ticket on the railway company’s website for their refund policy in case of train strikes, delays, and cancellations.

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Preparing for a vacation requires more than picking the date and booking flights, accommodation, and a rail ticket. A Great journey begins with finding the best train tickets. We at Save A Train will be delighted to help you prepare for a train trip, find the best train tickets at the best prices, and guide you through the train journey.



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