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Travelling can be therapeutic for some; while the same could lead to a lot of phobias for others.  People who like traveling will probably even looking at their train seat booking for the travel and ensure that they travel.



What is Siderodromophobia?

Most of the travelers look online for their train seat booking; while others prefer just going with the flow and will have their train seat booking done as and when needed depending on where they are going to next. There are also phobias related to trains that some people suffer from. The fear of trains is known as Siderodromophobia. Siderodromophobia is a very broad term that covers all the fears or phobias related to trains. The main type of people that this phobia mainly covers is the fear that people have of getting crashed or not being in control. Other than this, there are other fears that get triggered when people are on the train. There will be fears that germ phobia, social phobia or even claustrophobia.

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Siderodromophobia: Symptoms

Siderodromophobia is based in many different phobias. Further, depending on how severe the condition is. There might be symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, shaking or gastrointestinal symptoms.  For some people, the conditions might begin even long before the train journey starts. This mainly deals with what we know as anticipatory anxiety. Anticipatory anxiety can cause worse problems than the actual phobia itself. Most of the time the causes for the fear are related to a negative experience that the person has faced, which is somewhere related to trains. There is a need to understand here that the negative experience that is linked to your mind doesn’t necessarily have to be something that has happened to you. It could also be something that could have happened to another person or something that we could have seen around us either in person or on media.

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Siderodromophobia: Treatment

At the end of the day, it’s not important that the fear exists; what matters is how you cope with the fear and make efforts to get rid of the fear that has made a place in your life. Of all the phobias, Siderodromophobia or a train phobia is very easily treatable and has shown excellent success rates, when treated. To get rid of the phobia, the steps that need to be taken if firstly work on getting rid of any negative thoughts as far as trains are concerned. Also, the individual with the phobia will need to work on changing his or her behaviors related to trains. At the end of the day its something that is durable and can be fixed through proper care and treatment.

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