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(Last Updated On: 30/04/2021)

The Flam railway line from Flam to Myrdal is said to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and we can understand why. The journey only takes an hour but the scenery is truly breath-taking. Don’t miss this experience when visiting Norway. In the hour trip, the train takes passengers from the Sognefjord in Flam which is at sea level, to the Myrdal mountain station which is 867 meters above sea level. This is one of the steepest standard-gauge railway lines in the world. The railway line took 20 years to complete. The twisting tunnels that run in and out of the mountain show off the most daring and skilled engineering that Norwegian railway history has ever seen. Flam to Myrdal, Norway: A Beautiful Summer Stop is truly a trip of a lifetime.


Riding the Flam Railway

Taking the train from Flam to Myrdal will take you through 20 tunnels, 18 of which were built by hand, and stop at several villages as it snakes its way up the Flam Valley. The train gives passengers a panoramic view but try and get a seat next to a window for the best views and these can open in Summer for an extra special experience. Myrdal station is high up on the mountain and consists of nothing but a waiting room, ticket desk, and a small cafe. You can ride the train up and down the mountain.


Flam to Myrdal train travel valley and mountains and rivers

Flam to Myrdal in Summer

Summer is a perfect time to take the train from Flam to Myrdal. The weather is warmer and everything is green! Think rolling hills and crystal-clear running water with beautiful vegetation and flowers in full bloom. There are also hiking trails both to and from Flam and Myrdal. This means that you can catch the train up to Myrdal and then hike back down and enjoy the sunshine.

If there is one thing you must do when visiting Norway, the railway train from Flam to Myrdal is it. It is a beautiful Summer stop. The train runs all year round with up to 10 departures per day in Summer. Purchase tickets locally in Norway at any manned train station or by calling the NSB call center. They are currently not available online. Be sure to get your tickets for this train as soon as you arrive in Norway to avoid disappointment and for the experience of a lifetime!


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