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Genoa, which is a part of Rome and Florence, which is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, are popular tourist destinations and hence the route from Genoa to Florence is popular and frequently traveled route and a distance that can be communicated with ease.  Genoa is located Italy’s northwestern part in the Liguria region, is known for the central role played in the maritime trade over the centuries. Florence is located in the northwestern part of Italy and is known for the numerous and varied masterpieces of Renaissance architecture and art, which are found all over the place.



There are numerous ways to travel and to get between the two. The quickest and the fastest way of travel are definitely is the Genoa to Florence Train.

Milan to Genoa Trains

Rome to Genoa Trains

Florence to Genoa Trains

Venice to Genoa Trains



Genoa to Florence train

There are about 28 Genoa to Florence Trains with the first train departing at 00:02 and the last train departs from Genoa at 19:56. Most of these trains are designed for day travel; however, the trains that run late in the evening or early in the morning tend to have sleeper services. The journey time for the Genoa to Florence train is about 2 hours and 58 minutes, which is for the direct train with no changes. In case there is a change mid-way that the journey time for the Genoa to Florence train can be up to 3 hours and 33 minutes, which can further vary depending on the day of travel.

Rimini to Florence Trains

Rome to Florence Trains

Florence to Rome Trains

Genoa to Florence Trains



There are known to be fewer trains over the weekends and holidays. This tends to affect journey times as well. Most of the times the best option would be checking the trains as per the date of your travel, which would provide more clarity as far as the timing of the Genoa to Florence Train is considered and also how much the journey time would be.


Genoa to Florence: Other modes of travel

Genoa to Florence is a popular route and can be communicated via bus, train or even by road. Each of the modes of travel has even owned journey time and other parameters that need to be looked into. There is a “RideShare” option also available which is probably the cheapest way to travel on this route and can take about 3 hours for travel to be completed. There is also an option to travel by bus, which takes about 4 hours. However, there are only 2 buses for this route. The final choice of travel depends on you or the person traveling depending on what is convenient and comfortable as per their preferences.


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