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European countries love celebrating their national holidays — especially those that see a lot of tourists. Are you planning to see one of these countries during their national holidays? If so, there are many ways to join the festivities!

You’ll also have an excellent opportunity to learn a bit more about that country’s history. Experiencing local pride might lead you to appreciate that country and its people even more. Let’s have a look at the 5 best national holidays in Europe:


Queen’s Official Birthday, United Kingdom

King George II was the ruler who established the tradition of celebrating the monarch’s birthday in 1748. Since then, the United Kingdom has celebrated the birthday of its monarch. However, they have changed the date a few times. Now they celebrate Queen’s Official Birthday on the second Saturday of June. If you are in England during that time, you might see the Queen’s Birthday Parade. The ceremony is also known as Trooping the Color.

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Republic Day, Italy

Italians celebrate their Republic day on June 2nd, which is a tradition they started in 1946. Voting in favor of abolishing the monarchy, Italians paved the way for their Republic. However, they moved the celebration date to the first Saturday in June in 1977. They were concerned that the original date reflected negatively on their economy. They only reinstated the old date in 2001. There are plenty of celebrations to witness throughout Italy on Republic Day. The most spectacular sight is the flyover by the Italian Air Force.

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National Day, Sweden

Sweden has a place in 5 Best National Holidays in Europe


The Swedes celebrate their National Day on June 6th. It’s a joyous occasion for the whole country. They established their Flag Day celebration in 1916, and now it’s a day of fun and relaxation. There are music concerts, festivals, and various activities you can attend. It is also the day when new Swedes officially get their citizenship. Sweden makes sure everyone feels welcome on Flag Day!


Bastille Day, France

Bastille Day in France celebrations


When it comes to the French, their day of national pride is on July 14th. It marks the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. That was an important event in the French Revolution in 1789. There’s been a military parade to celebrate it almost every year since 1880. It’s an amazing sight to behold! However, there are plenty of other celebrations to see as well. Bastille Day is a good time to be in France, and preferable in Paris.

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National Day, Switzerland

Swiss National Day is August 1st. It celebrates the day when the three founding cantons of Switzerland united in 1291. The Swiss take their National Day seriously. One of the main events is a speech from the chancellor or other high-ranking officials. There’s also a parade in Zurich. You can attend festivities in other cities and towns as well. For example, the Swiss love their countryside holiday retreats. Ski resorts are another first-class place to be during National Day.

National holidays in Europe are a great occasion to learn more about the history of the nation you’re visiting. It’s also always a day filled with fun activities and parades.

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