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You may have heard it around, but you never believed it.

The talks of delicious train food, are not so far from the truth – you can actually enjoy every single bite of your train meal! Boys and girls, railways serving good food aren’t a myth – they are real, and we’re about to tell you just how real (and where to find it).

Forget plane food because once you try the dishes of these 3 European train restaurants, you’ll know the true meaning of railways serving good food. Or, better yet – delicious food.


1st pick for Railways serving good food – Deutsche Bahn

Believe it or not but Deutsche Bahn’s ICE trains are now serving one of the most diverse on-board menus in Europe. Travelers on these trains get to enjoy the mastery of Horst Lichter, a celebrity chef, presenter, and cookbook author who the operator Deutsche Bahn partnered within 2014.  As part of his year-long campaign, Lichter introduced 12 new recipe ideas across more than 250 catering services. The campaign is called ‘Taste and discover Germany,’ and it’s everything you want in your life right now. Another great thing about this campaign is its other cause. Namely, ten cents from every served meal go for the protection and preservation of German forest regions! What a great way to merge fundraising and food delight, right?

Speaking of fabulous food, that’s not all. Last year, Deutsche Bahn gave the opportunity to 7 food bloggers to present their meal of choice to the onboard menu. Furthermore, every two months between April 2017 and March 2018, the choice is being updated with everything from vegan and vegetarian dishes to seasonal ones. Stunned? We were, too! Railways serving good food definitely start with Deutsche Bahn.

Frankfurt to Hamburg Train tickets

Brussels to Hamburg Train tickets

Vienna to Hamburg Train tickets

Cologne to Hamburg Train tickets


Deutsche Bahn is our first candidate for Railways Serving Good Food


2nd pick for Railways serving good food – Eurostar

Eurostar’s Business Premier Passengers sure enjoy a five-star treatment in every respect. This cross-border service creates seasonal menus in collaboration with none other than culinary director Raymond Blanc! The founder of Brasserie Blanc, OBE, and chef patron of two Michelin-starred restaurants, Blanc makes sure the food is beyond comparison. Everything is organic and sourced from farmers. Plus, all meals are free from genetically modified products and combine British and French cuisines. Blanc collaborates with each of Eurostar’s 3 kitchens to design unforgettable meals.  

Eurostar is keeping up with food trends, so everything is gluten and dairy-free if the passengers so order. The same goes for vegan and vegetarian plates, too and this is the only one of our railways serving good food in a tunnel!

NOTE: The only scenario where obsessively taking a photo of your food is acceptable is on this train. You’ve got to make your Instagram shine with Blanc’s recipes!

Amsterdam to London Trains

Lyon to London Eurostar Trains

Paris to London Trains

Antwerp to London Trains



The last on our list is – Great Western Railway

Everyone, move – because the Great Western Railway (GWR) is the railways serving good food! GWR primarily partnered with chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks to design fabulously tasty menus for its London – Penzance passengers. The food they used was locally-sourced, with professional chefs preparing it on board. But, the story doesn’t end there.  Last year, GWR opened its Pullman dining car, or as they like to call it “one of Britain’s best-kept secrets.” The car has a brand new menu on offer with all other perks. As GWR representatives explain, “the Pullman car promises to take you back to the days of luxurious train travel; with plush seats, crisp white tablecloths, and silver service from our friendly team.”


GWR Railways Serving Good Food


Everyone deserves railways serving good food and now that you know which trains to book, everything’s easier. Choose Save A Train for a train ticket and start enjoying your good food life today!

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