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A family vacation in Europe can be great fun for parents and kids of all ages if you plan it well. Europe is the land of castles and bridges, green lavish parks, and reserves where young girls and boys can pretend to be princesses and princes for a day. There are great hiking trails and plenty of spots for adventures in the great outdoor, but traveling with kids is a challenge.

From planning to packing, we have designed the ultimate guide to a dreamy family trip. Just follow our 10 best tips for a family vacation in Europe to ensure an epic family trip.


1. Tips For Family Vacation In Europe: Get Your Kids Involved

The secret to a great family vacation is when the entire family is on board and excited. Europe is full of amazing landmarks, attractions, amusement parks, and places to visit, and having your kids participate in planning your trip to Europe will turn into a dream vacation. Do your research in advance, pick the attractions you want to visit, and spots your kids would love, and then have the kids pick 3-4 attractions on the list. This way everyone’s happy and has something to look forward to every day.

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kid sitting on a suitcase in an airport


2. Stay In AirBnB

Airbnb is cheaper, more private, and has a homely feel, which is very important for kids when far from home. Airbnb is a great accommodation option for a family vacation in Europe because hotels in Europe get pretty expensive, even with a breakfast deal. Staying in Airbnb provides you with a kitchen to cook your meals, lunch-to-go, and breakfast time when you can discuss the day.

Also, there’s plenty of space and privacy for the kids and parents, to rest after a long day exploring.

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3. Tips For Family Vacation In Europe: Get Out Of Busy City Center

Europe is full of scenic nature reserves and national parks, with great hiking trails and picnic spots. The natural grandeur in Europe is so versatile that even if you are traveling with small children, you can still explore waterfalls and viewpoints.

Most parks are accessible via train from the big city centers. If you plan in advance and come prepared, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, forests, and themed parks.

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Get Out Of Busy City Center and do A Family Vacation In European Alps


4. Book Your Transportation

Knowing your way to get around a foreign place is crucial when traveling with kids. You don’t want to get lost and wander around the city on foot or traveling from the airport, regardless of the weather. Therefore, planning and booking your means of transport in Europe will promise a great family vacation.

Public transportation is highly reliable and comfortable in Europe. There are many travel options inside and out of the city centers. Getting around by train and tram are ideal with kids because you can reach everywhere, avoid traffic on your trip’s budget.

In comparison to renting a car and spending a great deal of time looking for parking or just focusing on the road, you could enjoy the ride and snacks, when a train traveling with kids in Europe. A huge advantage of traveling in Europe with kids by train is that kids travel free with a Euro rail pass.

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5. Tips For Family Vacation In Europe: Pack Light

Traveling in Europe’s train stations with strollers and large suitcases can be challenging. Some train stations won’t have elevators or escalators, so it is best to pack and travel light. Be sure to pack a foldable stroller and carry-ons, this way if the kids are old enough, they can carry their own luggage.

Besides, packing light means packing all essentials for family travel. Thus, keeping the kids busy on train rides with coloring supplies, audiobooks, or cartoon watching time on the iPad, will be a great help.

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6. Eating Out With Kids In Europe

You should know that restaurants in Europe don’t offer kids meals, so it’s adults’ portions for everyone. This is especially important to note for example if you are traveling to Italy, you won’t find kids’ size pizza or pasta portions, so be prepared.

But, you don’t have to dine out. One of our best tips for traveling with kids in Europe is having family picnics. A lot has been said about Europe’s parks and nature because the green lavish lands are simply designed to host your family picnic. Grab pastries, fresh fruit, and vegetables at the local market and you are ready for a lunch picnic. The prices at farmers’ markets are substantially cheaper than in supermarkets and restaurants. To top it all up, just think of the views you’ll enjoy with every single bite and completely for free.

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Picnic is a good Tip For Family Vacation In Europe


7. Tips For Family Vacation In Europe: Boat And Free Walking Tours In Europe

You could do it all yourself with a map and books and apps, but joining a boat or walking tour is best. In most European cities there is free city walking tours with a local guide. This cheerful guide will show and tell the city’s best-kept secrets, without you getting lost in the streets’ maze. The guide will also point out local restaurants with set lunch menus and give the best advice on what to do in the city.

Europe is full of canals and rivers, so a boat tour is another fun and unique way to travel and explore. It will be both exciting for the kids and relaxing for you.

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Boat And Walking Tours while doing a Family Vacation In Europe


8. Make Time For Carousel Rides

Most European cities will have a bright and gorgeous carousel in the main city square. Instead of running to the next site, stop, and allow the kiddos to go on as many rides as they want. Enjoying a carousel ride when the Eiffel Tower is right behind you, is quite a memorable moment for toddlers and grown-ups.

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Make Time For Carousel Rides in a fun fair


9. Tips For Family Vacation In Europe: Make Time For “Oops”

Just because you are in Switzerland, doesn’t guarantee everything will go smoothly on your family trip. When you are traveling with kids, anything can happen, even in Europe, so be sure to leave time for oops on the trip.  Make time for unplanned surprises, delays, changes to plans thanks to grumpy kiddos, and be present and ready to adjust.

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10. Show The Kids Europe Off The Beaten Path

One of our top tips for traveling with kids is showing them how to travel off the beaten path in Europe. Avoid the masses in the main squares, lines for gelato, and family pics, by taking them to those hidden spots, scenic villages, and extraordinary nature.

Children love fairy tales and adventures, so take them to those spots legends are made of. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, make the best of the family vacation in Europe, and teach them about the rich culture and history of Europe.

Europe is a great family holiday destination at any time of year. Whether you are an adventure-seeking family or keen on sightseeing and museums, Europe has got it all. In addition, Europe is family-friendly when it comes to transportation and special city passes. Our 10 best tips for a family vacation in Europe will be a great help when you plan your next or even first trip to the land of castles and legends.

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Hiking is among the best Tips For Family Vacation In Europe


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