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Underground lakes, hidden waterfalls, off-the-beaten-path quaint towns, and beautiful views, the world is full of amazing secret places. These top 10 secret places in the World are all accessible to travelers but are very often missed. So, prepare for a mind-blowing journey to the most hidden and breathtaking places in the world.

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1. Top Secret Place In Germany: Berchtesgaden

250 km of hiking trails, pristine turquoise lake water, and gorgeous peaks, Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the top-secret destinations in Germany.

This national park is right next to Germany’s border with Austria and is home to the most beautiful landscapes in Bavaria. While most tourists travel to the Black Forest, Swiss Alps, or the center of Europe, this amazing national park is overlooked. So, you could be one of the very few travelers, to have a picnic by Lake Konigssee, try to summit to  Watzmann – at 2,713 meters for breathtaking views of the valleys, and untouched wild nature.

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A lake in Berchtesgaden


2. The Most Secret Place In Italy: The Monastery of Santa Maria Dell Isola In Tropea

Most of the tourists sunbathing on Tropea’s golden beaches do not know of this secret place. However, right above their heads, sitting at the top of a rocky hill, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the Santuario di Santa Maria dell Isola.

It is not clear if the monastery was built by the Benedictines or Basilians sometime in the Middle Ages. So, you can discover the history and beauty behind the monastery’s renovated facade. Undoubtedly, a monastery that survived 2 earthquakes, surely keeps some of the most best and interesting secrets of Calabria.

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Secret Place In Italy: The Monastery of Santa Maria Dell Isola


3. The Most Secret Place In Switzerland: Trummelbach Falls

In the valley of 72 waterfalls, you’d think there is no undiscovered waterfall in Switzerland, but there is. One of the top-secret places in Europe is the Trummelbach Falls. This range of 10 glacier-fed waterfalls in Switzerland, is fed by melting water from Eiger and Jungfrau.

Therefore, when visiting and walking through the mountain, admiring these secret waterfalls, be dressed in clothes that will protect you from the freezing waterfall drips.

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The Secret Trummelbach Falls


4.  Seegrotte In Hinterbruhl, Austria

A boat trip to the largest underground lake in Austria is an unforgettable experience. This huge see Grotte in Hinterbruhl town, is a system of caves, originally man-made for mining purposes, in WWII.

However, the subterranean lake was abandoned back then. Today, the Seegrotte in Hinterbruhl, transformed into one of the top 10 secret places to visit in the world.

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A Secret underground lake in Hinterbruhl Austria


5.  Top Secret Place In China: Mount Sanqing

3 breathtaking summits up in the clouds, Mount Sanqing is one of the most sacred in Chinese culture. The view of mount Sanqing is not only one of the most breathtaking views in the Chinese landscape, but also with a sacred meaning in the Taoist belief; the 3 summits represent the 3 Pure Ones, the highest gods.

The area around Sanqing also offers amazing viewpoints, trails, and magical points to discover from the 10 most scenic spots in the area. Therefore, book yourself a 2-days trip to mount Sanqing, so you can fully enjoy and explore all the hidden spots.


Sky High Mount Sanqing


6.  Top Secret Places In Italy: Trentino

The beauty of the Italian Alps is not the world-best kept secret. Everyone knows of the mountain range, landscape, alpine lakes, and scenic meadows. However, Trentino in the North-East of Italy, between lake Garda and the Dolomites, is often missed on the route to the natural wonders mentioned here. Here you will find an outstanding number of 297 lakes to discover.

In addition, only here you can admire the special light effect “alpenglow” on the Dolomites’ peaks, at sundown.

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Secret Places In Italy: Mountain Trentino


 7. Top Secret Place In Poland: The Crooked Forest In Szczecin

Planted in the ’30s, Szczecin forest is one of the world’s most secret places. This is due to the reason the forest is tucked away in Poland, near Gryfino town. From the 400 pine trees planted back in the 30’s, today you will find that only a few are left, still making this place totally worth a visit.

The reason for the unique shape is a mystery to this day; many have tried to figure out if it is man-made or a wonder of nature. So, if you decide to visit, you could explore the secret of the pine trees’ pine unique shape, and explore one of the most beautiful forests in Europe.



8. Top Secret Place In Hungary: Tapolca

Tapolca is a charming little town in Hungary, located near the Baltan Uplands nature reserve. Most tourists travel to Hungary for a vacation in Budapest, but Tapolca town is Hungary’s best-kept secret. In addition to its proximity to a huge national park, the city has a lake in the center, with a lovely square and cafes around.

Thus, if you want to taste Hungarian cuisine, admire and discover Hungary’s amazing nature, and a lake cave, then book your ticket to Tapolca.

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Tapolca is a charming little town in Hungary


9. Top Secret Place In England: Hunstanton, Norfolk

When you visit the resort town of Hunstanton in Norfolk, it will look like a quiet holiday town by the sea. However, after you walk down to the coast and pebbled beach, you will find the most spectacular cliffs. Old Hunstanton cliffs are layers of colorful sandstone; rusty ginger sandstone, red limestone topped with chalk, surrounded with green seaweed and blue sea.

Therefore, the gorgeous beach of Hunstanton is absolutely breathtaking, especially at sunset. At this time of day, the cliffs change colors, at the contrast between the sea and cliffs is even more distinctive. Despite its natural beauty, not many know of this secret place in East England. So, you better hurry to book your train ticket to the beaches of Hunstanton, before the rest of the world finds out.

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Secret beachline and Cliffs in Hunstanton, Norfolk


10. Applecross Peninsula In Scotland

This Scottish wonder was made accessible by road only in 1975, with the winding and steep road that crosses the peninsula along the shore. So, if you wanted to visit this remote gem, you had to rely on boat travel alone, like the rest of this island residents.

Applecross is a beautiful little village on the peninsular shores of Scotland. Small little cabins and houses spread on the lavish green hills, overlooking the sea, will take your breath away.

With only 544 residents, there are very few reasons to travel to Applecross, but the vivid and picturesque views, totally earn it a spot as one of the top 10 secret places in the world. In addition, Camusterrach and Ard-dhubh are two other settlements not to miss on your exploration, as they are also barely touched by modernization.


The Green Applecross Peninsula In Scotland


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