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Travelers with a sweet tooth, pay attention! You might not have thought to travel through Europe just for the sake of trying out desserts, but you should. Europe has some fantastic delicacies that will bring you closer to the culture of the country you’re exploring. Plus, they’ll delight your taste buds. What’s not to love?

If the idea sounds intriguing enough to try and you’re wondering where to start, don’t fret. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a sweet list of the 10 Best Bakeries to try on your trip to Europe. Let’s have a closer look at them:


1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands — My Little Patisserie

It’s rare to encounter well-made French delicacies in other countries, but no worries — the baker is French. My Little Patisserie offers all kinds of sweet tooth French delights, including chouquettes and eclairs, among other specialties.

With a traditional French design, My Little Patisserie perfectly evokes the spirit of France in the Dutch setting. What’s more, they also use the traditional French recipes that never fail to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss this place if you find yourself in Amsterdam!

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2. Rome, Italy — Bakery House

This bakery is another seemingly fish-out-of-water situation, as it isn’t all about the Italian pastries. Instead, the Bakery House specializes in cupcakes, a strictly American favorite invention that can be so delicious you’ll never want to leave.

The best thing about Bakery House is the variety of flavors, at least where your taste buds are concerned. But since it’s impossible only to try one cupcake, your beach body won’t thank you. However, these cupcakes might be worth spending an extra few hours in the gym to burn off the calories.

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3. Rome, Italy — Biscottificio Innocenti

If you’re longing for strictly Italian desserts, Biscottificio Innocenti won’t disappoint you. It truly deserves its place among the 10 Best Bakeries to try on your trip to Europe thanks to its biscotti. It is a tiny shop with a huge oven that produces the most delicious biscuits you’ll try in Italy.

And you won’t find the recipe for them anywhere — Biscottificio keeps its secrets. Make sure to sample their Brutti ma Buoni. It is a biscuit shaped like a pyramid that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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4. Paris, France — Du Pain Et Des Idees

The name of this wonderful Parisian bakery translates as Bread and Ideas, which is an inspired name for inspiring food. And while their name implies a specialization in bread, that’s not all that they offer.

You can also enjoy their croissants! These baked goods have the reputation of being the best croissants in Paris. When in Paris, don’t miss one of the best bakeries in Europe.

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5. Munich, Germany — Konditorei Kaffee Schneller

Cafe shops are on the top 10 Best Bakeries To Try On Your Trip To Europe

The people of Munich love their pastries, and that’s obvious from the high regard they have for Konditorei Kaffee Schneller. But why is it one of the 10 Best Bakeries To Try On Your Trip To Europe?

After you trudge through a dreadfully hectic, gloomy, and tiring Monday, you need something to lift your spirits. If you’re in Munich, the answer lies in delicious, homemade pastries. You can find those in Kaffee Schneller, alongside a comforting hot cup of cappuccino or cocoa. More often than not, you won’t need an excuse to visit it at all.

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6. Zurich, Switzerland — Conditorei Schober

Zurich is the definitive place to look for the best bakeries in Europe. The Swiss have great chocolates and even better pastry artisans that will surely impress you. Conditorei Schober is one of the bakeries you can find in the “sweet corner” of Old Town.

It’s a traditional-looking little cafe that has some of the most amazing pastries and handmade chocolates you can try. Lovely decor, great desserts, and a patio to enjoy in the summer — what’s not to love?

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7. Zurich, Switzerland — Confiserie Sprungli

We’re not done with Zurich yet! There is one more place deserving to mention on the list of best bakeries in Europe. Regarded as the prettiest cafe in town, Confiserie Sprungli is quite famous in Zurich.

The specialty that made them famous is the Luxemburgli macarons, but their chocolate is superb as well. Their specialties are sure to make all your senses sing. You can’t visit the Confiserie Sprungli without trying out the Luxemburgli macarons!

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8.  Danish bakery — Kaffehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish bakery — Kaffehuset — Copenhagen, Denmark

You can’t mention pastries without recognizing how skilled the Danish are at making them. That’s why it’s no surprise to find a Danish bakery from Copenhagen among the best bakeries in Europe. The Kaffehuset is a definite contender for the place, and they win it thanks to their mouth-watering pastries.

The students of Copenhagen favor Kaffehuset’s cheesecake, as it’s known to be the most delightful and most delicious cheesecake in town. You can try to resist its allure, but you’ll most likely fail — and be very happy that you did.


9. London, England — Lauderee

Another out-of-France European bakery that made its name on sweet French delights, Lauderee will enchant you. Londoners adore this place, and you will too once you visit London for the first time.

Macarons are their specialty, and you won’t be able to tell them apart from their French counterparts. The cream inside the macaron will melt in your mouth after you crunch the pastel-colored shell. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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10. Vienna, Austria — Demel

Demel is a famous dessert establishment in Vienna for a reason — their cakes. The Ana Demal Torte is a tiered chocolate showstopper that is one of the main reasons for Demel’s perfect reputation.

Demel is more than just a tourist favorite — its history is over 230 years long, which is fascinating and impressive. Some of the specialties you can enjoy there are Walnut cake, Esterhazy cake, Sacher Torte, and Dobos Torte. In short, if you’re looking for your daily dose of cake, look no further than Demel.

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Ready to have an unforgettable (and delicious) vacation with your entire family? Visit the ten best bakeries in Europe from our list, and you’ll be blown away. Make sure to plan your vacation and book your train tickets on time!



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