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Italy arguably has the greatest coffee culture on earth. The first European country to import coffee from Egypt, Italy has had successful cafes since the 16th Century, and today we will advise you on 5 amazing coffee shops near train stations in Italy.


If you are looking for coffee near train stations in Italy you are in luck. Italians like their coffees brewed strong and fast. Hence their preference for espresso’s and the Italians are also responsible for developing milk-based coffee drinks like the cappuccino and latte.

In fact, almost all coffee culture in Europe and the western world comes from Italy. This is why all the different standard types of coffee we drink have Italian names.

So, it should come as no surprise that Milano Centrale, Italy’s oldest and busiest train station in Italy, should boast some amazing choices for getting caffeinated drinks. 330,000 people use Milano Centrale per day. Cross-border trains from Milano Centrale take passengers to major European destinations like Paris, Munich, and Vienna.

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Here are our top 5 picks for unmissable coffee shops near train stations in Italy

  • Crazy Cat Cafe

crazy cat cafe near train stations in italy

Located a few minutes walk from the Milan train stations in Italy this Cafe is accurately described by its name. Cats are walking around this cozy cafe whilst you eat and drink. This funky cafe is notorious for having excellent tea served in a cat-shaped mug and having delicious cakes. The staff are super friendly and most of the cats are always sleeping, this is what they like to do.

Crazy Cat Cafe Website

Address: Via Napo Torriani 5 | Corner via Cappellini, 20124 Milan


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  • Caffe Panzera 1931

This cafe is right next to the station and is open till 3 AM. For the last 87 years, people have come to this family-run venue to get a quick coffee and a sandwich before boarding their trains. This cafe boasts a large selection of light meals which are available in its cafe section and for those looking for a more elegant experience, there is a restaurant section that serves delicious pizzas and pasta. The cafe is extremely busy during lunchtime, but outside of this, it is fast service with a smile.


Address: Piazza Duca d’Aosta 10 | ang.

Via Vitruvio, 20124 Milan


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  • Coffee Bar

If you are looking to see what is so great about Italian coffee, this is the place to visit. The wide range of coffees and delicious homemade snacks make this a popular coffee spot for both tourists and locals. This is a great place to have breakfast and sells some coffees for a Euro or less. This coffee shop is wheelchair accessible, has WIFI, is pet-friendly, and had a well-stocked alcohol bar. A seven-minute walk from the station.

Address: Via Vitruvio 40 | Train Stations In Italy | Milan Lombardy


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Rome Termini station

If you are also traveling through Rome Termini train stations in Italy, here are some more must-visit coffee shops.

  • Bar Fondi

If you are looking for incredible coffee at a great price, then Bar Fondi is the answer. This cool cafe offers great live music, accompanied by excellent light food. Travelers recommend trying the pastries. Ordering food and drinks here is a fast and pleasant process, and the cafe is popular with both travelers and locals. (The price of this cafe is a massive bargain compared to other coffee shops in Rome)

Address: Via Milazzo 16, 00185 Rome, Italy


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  • Moka Cafe

This Espresso bar is another coffee bar in a very convenient location for people using Rome Termini station and offers fast service. The cappuccinos are divine and there are many choices for coffee, and the blueberry muffins are also a big hit. If you are running late for a train and need a fast coffee, it doesn’t get faster than Moka.

Address: Piazza Dei Cinquecento | Train Stations In Italy | Roma Termini, Rome


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So the next time you arrive at a city in Italy why not drop into one of the amazing coffee shops near train stations in Italy too.


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