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If you’ve been planning a trip to Amsterdam but still figuring out the best time to go, you may want to consider a visit during Restaurant Week 2019 in the Netherlands.

Restaurant Week is a culinary event that takes place annually all over the world in 35 major cities like Amsterdam, New York, and Hong Kong. The first Restaurant Week took place in New York; created by Tim Zagat, founder of Zagat Survey, and Joe Baum, respected restaurateur.

The week was so successful that it spread across to other cities across the globe. The dates of Restaurant Week vary from city to city; however, the concept is typically the same across all locations. Participating eateries promote a week offering lunch and dinner specials at attractive prices.


Amsterdam Restaurant Week 2019


If you love food and your budget is limited, Restaurant Week offers you the opportunity to dine at the top restaurants in Amsterdam at a discounted price. Grab the chance to eat at the exquisite Le Garage, the Brasserie La Camelia at Okura Hotel, or the Brasserie at the Amstel Hotel for less!

The best part is that Nationale Restaurant Week occurs in Amsterdam twice a year, in the spring and again in autumn. Two times a year, restaurants all over The Netherlands have week-long events where you can enjoy full course meals for a fraction of what they would typically cost. Enjoy a 3-course dinner for only €28,50!

Approximately 135 restaurants all over Amsterdam participate which makes your choices plentiful. The biannual event aims to simplify the experience. Eat and drink at Amsterdam finest dining establishments by sampling their menus for a fixed price. There is no better time for you to taste the restaurant signature dishes that you would otherwise pay full price for during any other time of the year.

But before you get too excited, take note that you cannot just walk into these restaurants and expect to be seated. Reservations are a must, so you should book as early as you can as these places tend to fill up quickly.

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How to Get to Restaurant Week in The Netherlands

Outdoor sitting during Restaurant Week


While there are many options for travel to get you to Amsterdam Restaurant Week event, train travel is one of the most delightful and exciting ways to journey. It makes the entire experience more memorable as your travel through Europe, taking in the sights and arriving at your gastronomic destination in style and comfort.

One of the best things when you travel Europe is that you do not need to exchange your currency, it is all the same.

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Paris to Amsterdam by train is approximately 3 and a half hours while Berlin to Amsterdam is a 6-hour train trip. Book early and save on ticket prices. Check out the dates for Restaurant Week 2019 in The Netherlands so you can reserve your train seats in advance and enjoy huge savings. Get the best rates on train travel with Save A Train


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