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Train travel is the most common way of traveling in Europe. Therefore, some of the busiest train stations in the world are in Europe and at times, in the world.

Despite being crowded at peak hours, the top 5 busiest train stations in Europe are designed to provide anything you might need on your travels.

Follow our journey to Europe and discover what train station is the busiest in Europe. You are about to find out where you can listen to Vivaldi and at what train station you can wait by the river for your train departure to Italy.


1. Gare Du Nord Train Station, Paris

Gare du Nord in Paris (Gare word meaning in French is Train Station, Nord in French is North) is the busiest train station in Europe. There are close to 700,000 passengers that pass through the train station daily. The train station is located close to the 10th arrondissement in the North of Paris, so most of the passengers are Parisians. Only 3% of the train’s passengers are tourists that arrive from or to the UK by Eurostar train.

The busiest train station in Europe was built in 3 years, between 1861 and 1864. The architect designed 9 remarkable statues that decorate the train station inside and 23 statues decorate the station’s facade. The statues represent the main European cities that the train connects to Paris.

The remarkable train station was expanded twice over the years and is expected to be expanded again due to the growing number of passengers and rail lines.


Paris-Nord is the train station for traveling to Northern France and international destinations, for example, Germany, London, and Amsterdam. Thus, this busy train station will provide you with all the travel essentials for your holidays in France. There are shops, a tourist information center, coffee shops, and baggage lockers if you want to explore Paris comfortably for a few hours before your train departs.

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Gare Du Nord, Paris is the busiest train staion in europe


2. Hamburg Hbf, Germany

More than 500,000 passengers pass through Hamburg Hbf (Hbf is the short word for Hauptbahnhof which translates to Central station) train station in Germany. Thus, it is the second busiest train station in Europe.

The train station was built in 4 years and the architects Heinrich Reinhardt and Georg Subenguth designed it. The train station was opened in 1906 and in 1991 a shopping center was added to the northern bridge, where there are restaurants, kiosks, a pharmacy, and service centers.

If you are planning to train travel to Germany, you could enjoy classical music. So, while you are shopping for last-minute souvenirs, travel essentials, and grabbing a bite to eat, you are most welcome to listen and enjoy Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

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Busy train station in Europe


3. Zurich HB Central Railway Station, Switzerland

The largest train station in Switzerland is in Zurich. The Zurich HB (HB is like Hbf and it means Hauptbahnhof = Central Station) train station is one of the busiest railway stations in Europe. The busy Swiss train station connects Switzerland with cities across the country and with neighboring countries. There are 13 platforms and 2,915 trains depart to Germany, Italy, France, and Austria daily. Therefore, the Zurich railway station is one of the busiest train stations in the world.

Another thing that makes this train station the busiest in Europe is that there is actually hustling & bustling city life inside the station. For instance, depending on your time of travel, you could enjoy Christmas markets and street parades. 

The Zurich train station is located in the Old Town of Zurich. The Sihl river passes through the station, this means that there are railway tracks above and below it. 

Also, the Zurich train station connects Switzerland to France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Austria.


Similar to the other international train stations on our list, there is a currency exchange office, ticket office, luggage storage, tourist information center, and Wi-Fi internet in Zurich’s train station. So, in case you have forgotten to pack something for your vacation in Switzerland, no worries because at the station you can find everything.

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Zurich HB, Switzerland is one of the Top 5 Busiest Train Stations In Europe


4. Rome Termini Train Station, Italy

Rome railway station features our top 5 busiest train stations in Europe list due to the outstanding annual number of passengers it serves. Up to 150 million passengers arrive and depart the busy train station every year.

Rome railway station connects Rome Termini with other cities in Italy via Trenitalia. In addition, the rail station connects Italy to neighboring countries via 29 platforms. For example, from Rome Termini, you can travel to Geneva in Switzerland, Munich in Germany, and Vienna in Austria.


Rome train station has everything a traveler might need to train travel in Europe or Italy. Therefore, at the entrance hall, you will find a currency exchange office, restaurants, taxi services, and luggage facilities. Everything is planned and designed to make your travels go as smoothly as possible.

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5. Munich Hauptbahnhof Train Station, Germany

Today there are 32 platforms in one of the busiest train stations in Europe. In addition, there are InterCity and EuroCity train services to most of Germany, and Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria. From Munchen Hauptbahnhof railway station you can travel to Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna or take a train to Venice and Rome in Italy, Paris, and Zurich.

Around 127 million passengers visit the Munich train station annually. This outstanding number makes the station one of the busiest train stations in Europe. 


Similar to the other train stations mentioned above, the Munich train station offers many facilities and services to travelers. For instance, you can find food shops, gift shops, and even a children & youth museum in the train station.

Outside of the station, you will find the U-Bahn underground metro, taxi services, and tram lines that will take you anywhere in Munich.

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food stand in a Busy train station in Europe


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