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France is packed with breathtaking sights. If you are traveling to France for the first time, let’s have a look at our 10 days travel itinerary! Suppose you wish to enjoy the French vineyards in the countryside and the romantic gardens surrounding the incredible chateaux. In that case, following this itinerary covers the best of France’s most beautiful places.

Day 1 Of Your France Travel Itinerary – Paris

While you can easily spend a week in Paris, if you only have 10 days to travel in France, then at least two days should be in Paris. A 10-day trip in France must begin with a picnic with views of the Eiffel Tower and continue to Arc du Triumph. These are only two places to visit on a classic Paris tour.

In addition, spending the day wandering the streets is the best way to spend an afternoon in Paris. Exploring the small boutiques and cafes or walking along the Seine will be a few unique things that will make the beginning of your trip to France unforgettable.

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10 Days France Travel Itinerary: Paris


Day 2 – Stay In Paris

On your second day in Paris, you could enjoy Notre Dame Cathedral, a walk along the Seine, and visit the incredible Louvre to admire Mona Lisa. To discover the bohemian side of Paris, a guided tour through Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Basilica is the ideal option. After that, if you are short on time, free city walking tours are a fantastic way to discover the best of Paris.

In addition to learning about the history and culture, you can connect with other first-time travelers in Paris and even continue exploring France together. Moreover, the guide is a local Parisian, so they will have plenty of great tips and recommendations to enjoy Paris like a local.


Montmartre Walking Tour


Day 3 – Versailles and Giverny

An hour by train from Paris 2 charming villages, Versailles and Giverny. Most people don’t know that Versailles is a small town and not just the famous Palace of Versailles. In addition, only art lovers will be familiar with the name Giverny. Once home to the French impressionist painter Claude Monet, today Giverny attracts visitors that wish to admire the famous garden and water lilies up close and personally.

Thus, you would have an amazing time exploring the gorgeous palace of Versailles and its gardens. The gardens of Versailles are huge and perfect for a day out of Paris, and the same for Giverny. The town is relatively small, and Monet’s home is the main attraction in Giverny. So, you could easily combine a short trip to Giverny and spend the rest of the day in Versailles so you could explore the palace and surroundings properly.

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The Palace Of Versailles


Days 4-6 Of Your France Travel – Loire Valley and Bordeaux

The next stop in your 10-day trip to France is to the incredible land of wine, Bordeaux, and Loire Valley. Home to a fabulous French chateau, romantic gardens, and the Loire River, the Loire Valley will give you a taste of the French countryside and lifestyle. Thus, renting a bike to cycle around the valley is a great way to explore the most beautiful region of France and the history of little villages around.

Furthermore, while in Paris, you can indulge in sweet patisserie and French cuisine in the fine restaurants, in Bordeaux, you will indulge in wine tasting. Bordeaux region is famous for its excellent vineyards, so be sure to plan your vineyard hopping tour well in advance, so you don’t miss anything. The wine tastings are a great reason to spend the night in a charming Airbnb or chateau in either Loire or Bordeaux.

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Day 7-8 Of Your France Travel – Provence

The lavender fields with chateaux in the background are some of the most famous views of France. Therefore, if you are planning a summer holiday in France, Provence should be your next destination on the ten days travel itinerary across France.

You can spend the night in a charming chateau or Airbnb in Aix-en-Provence because this region has fantastic vacation rentals. This way you could explore the charming town and landmarks in the area. On the second day, you can travel from Provence to Gorge du Verdon, one of France’s incredible natural wonders.

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10 Days France Travel Itinerary: Provence


Day 9 – French Riviera

On your trip back from Provence to Paris, stop in Nice. Here you can enjoy a little bit of the sunshine and golden beaches of the French Riviera. Indeed, world-renowned for its amazing coastline and summer vibes, Nice is the ultimate destination in France for a holiday by the sea.

In addition to the relaxed atmosphere, Nice has great restaurants to grab a bite to eat after a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Nice is an excellent option if you are short on time, but you could extend your stay in the French Riviera and visit the beaches of Saint Tropez. However, this means you should consider cutting short your stay in Loire and Provence.

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French Riviera In Summer


Day 10 – Back In Paris

Paris is an excellent ending to an unforgettable trip to France. In addition to the famous landmarks, Paris has many hidden spots, that only locals know about. Therefore, if you have a full day in Paris until the flight, you could explore a few of the lesser-known spots in Paris, like the flea market for a bit of shopping, or a picnic in Parc Des Buttes- Chaumont.

Finally, France is an unforgettable destination in Europe. From the famous lavender fields in Provence to Montmartre in Paris, there are plenty of places to discover in France. Thus, a 10 days travel itinerary in France can become into wonderful two weeks.

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