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Friendly, walkable, and beautiful, these 12 best first-time travelers’ locations are the best cities to visit in Europe. Straight from the train, to the Louvre, or Dam Square, these cities attract millions of tourists all year round, so pack your bags and join us on a journey to discover their charm.


1. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Amsterdam

A great destination for the weekend, Amsterdam is one of the 12 best first-time travelers’ locations. Amsterdam is quite small, which makes it easy to get around on foot, or by bicycle. In addition, this way of traveling is much easier for first-time travelers that are not used to getting by in a foreign country or communicating in foreign languages.

Thus, in only 3 days you could explore every single canal and corner in the charming Dutch capital. Gingerbread houses in Demark, Dam Square, the flower market, and hop on a canal boat tour, and Anne Frank house, are only a few of the places you can visit. While this sounds like a long bucket list, the city’s design fits these beautiful sites so any visitor can visit them all in just a short holiday. The Dutch are friendly and very welcoming and will be happy to share their culture and city with you.

Best time to go: May, for the famous flower market.

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Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Amsterdam


2. Prague

The city of marvelous bridges, and beer gardens, Prague is a great destination for first-time travelers. If you have never been to Prague, you will find the city fun, impressive, and lively. In addition to the wonderful churches, and Old Town square, Prague is terrific for a short weekend break, with pubs, clubs, and beer gardens for an evening pint.

Moreover, the city boasts of travelers, so, if you are traveling alone to Prague, you can always meet other travelers. This way you might get inspired to plan the next trip in Europe, to Vienna or Paris, which are a train trip away.

Best time to go: Fall.

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3. Classic London

When one thinks of traveling for the first time to Europe, London inevitably comes to mind. The city is an amazing mix of cultures: English heritage and modern trendy neighborhoods, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. While it might be challenging to see everything, London has to offer over the weekend, a trip to classic London is possible.

Classic London includes visiting Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Kensington Gardens, a few of the best landmarks in Europe. In addition, you can enjoy a musical on the West End, wandering around Notting Hill, and tasting an English breakfast of course. Bottom line, London is a wonderful location for first-time travelers.

Best time to go: Spring and summer, when the sky is blue and the weather is warm.

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Classic London


4. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Florence

Rich art history, magnificent landmarks, and palaces, Florence is an amazing first-time traveling location for art lovers. The old city center is the most popular part of Florence, with the breathtaking Duomo and Uffizi gallery not too far away. These amazing sites are within walking distance of each other, so you can easily walk through the beautiful Florence streets and squares.

Moreover, if you don’t want to walk too much, then climbing Duomo and Giotto’s Bell Tower offers fantastic views of the entire city. So, you can easily spend your holiday in Florence in the old city center, and divide your time between shopping, art, and great Italian food.

Best time to go: Spring and Fall.

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Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Florence Viewpoint


5. Nice

The symbol of the French Riviera, Nice is a beautiful seaside town with great sandy beaches and an amazing relaxed atmosphere. Nice is one of the most popular cities in France, for both locals and tourists. While this might make Nice a bit crowded at high seasons, this also makes it a great location for first-time travelers.

First-time travelers to Nice can enjoy the stunning promenade du Paillon, to castle hill or old town. Sunny, lively, and relaxing, Nice is the perfect holiday destination in France, designed to cater to a traveler’s every need. Most importantly, with 300 sunny days a year, Nice is the best place to go to any time of year to relax by the beach. However, if you are keen on art and history, Nice is home to Chagall and Matisse museums, as well as the old Quarter of course.

To sum things up, you better practice your bonjour because Nice will be happy to greet you on your first trip ever.

Best time to go: Summer of course.

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Nice Riviera


6. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Vienna

Full of palaces, churches, and old squares, Vienna is one of the best locations for first-time travelers. You can explore the Austrian capital entirely on foot, and this makes Vienna one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in Europe. From the Inner Stadt, you can explore the many galleries, luxury shopping boutiques, all impressive in Baroque style and will make your head spin.

In other words, Vienna has plenty of marvelous historical sites to visit, and the architecture is remarkable. If you are a history lover and appreciate rich culture, you will fall in love with Vienna at first sight, and your first trip to Vienna will be the beginning of many long weekends in Austria.

Best time to go: Vienna is most beautiful in the winter when all is snowy and magical.

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7. Paris

Romantic, exciting, beautiful, everyone falls in love with Paris at first sight, or shall we say the first trip. The French capital is the center of art, fashion, history, and gastronomy, offering amazing things to do and places to visit, for any taste and passion.

Everything you do in Paris for the first time will be most memorable. From the first walk along the Champs-Elysees to a picnic by the Eiffel Tower and a visit to the Louvre, your first-time travel to Paris will be unforgettable. That Paris is the ultimate location for a first-time traveler to Europe.

Best time to go: All year-round.

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Louvre Museum, Paris


8. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Rome

Strolling cobbled streets, to the Colosseum, and delicious maritozzo for dessert is a fantastic opening to a first day in Rome. In addition to being a historical center of ancient Rome, with landmarks such as the Forum and Emperors’ palace, Rome is a great city to have Vino del Casa and amazing Italian pizza.

Moreover, Rome is very romantic and attracts many couples in love. The Spanish steps or the Trevi fountain are great spots for romantic pictures. So, if you haven’t traveled far or at all to Italy, then Rome is one of the best first-time traveler’s locations.

Best time to go: Spring and fall are the best time to visit for first-time travelers to visit Rome. Italy is a great off-season destination in Europe, and April is the best time to go.

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Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Rome


9. Brussels

If you only have one day for the art of traveling, Brussels is the ultimate destination. Waffles, chocolate, waffles with chocolate, and the Grand Palace, are three of the top things to do in Brussels, fit in only one day’s trip.

Nonetheless, if you want to see a bit more, then you will be happy to discover that Brussels is well-connected; trams, metro, and buses that will take you anywhere. Another advantage that puts Brussels at the best 12 first-time traveler’s locations is that the city is multilingual. In other words, you can speak English, French, Dutch or German when in Brussels and not worry about going lost in translation.

Best time to go: Summer and winter are the best time to visit Brussels. June festivals create a great atmosphere in Brussels, while December is the magic of Christmas.

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10. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Bruges

The small, charming town of Bruges is full of canals, boutiques, and medieval architecture. The quaint Belgian city is a terrific weekend getaway location, with plenty of time for sightseeing and relaxing. In addition to chocolate tastings in Markt Square, climbing up Belfry Tower for epic city views is one of the best ways to start the day in Bruges.

You can cover Bruges landmarks on foot, or in a carriage, in one weekend. Additionally, you can combine the trip to Bruges with other first-time traveler’s locations, like Brussels, and make it a full one-week trip to Europe. So, to fully enjoy your first trip to Bruges, pack comfortable shoes, a cross-bag, and a camera for magical snaps.

Best time to go: Spring is the best time to visit Bruges. At this time of year, the canals and alleys are full of blooming flowers, and colors.

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Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Bruges


11. Cologne

The breathtaking Cologne Cathedral will leave you speechless. The historic city center, the city lights in the evenings, and the cathedral captivate any first-time traveler to this fantastic German city. Cologne is a wonderful destination for a city break since you can visit all the important landmarks in 3 days.

In the winter, the city square is where you can enjoy one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. In the summer, you can head to Rheinpark for a great view of the cathedral and a picnic by the Rhine river. Furthermore, you can enjoy great savings on amazing parks, museums, and more with the Cologne Card.

Best time to go:  All year round, but mostly in Christmas and spring.

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Cologne At Night


12. Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Interlaken

Alpine views, green meadows, and lakes together with city perks, Interlaken is a fabulous destination in Switzerland. The city’s proximity to the Alps together with the comfort of city life, accommodation, and transport make it one of the best first-time traveler’s locations.

If you choose to travel to Interlaken for the first time, you will be having an unforgettable trip to one of the most desired destinations in the world. Whether you love hiking or sipping Swiss Cacao in the morning with Alpine views, Interlaken has it all.

Best time to go: all year round. 

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Best First Time Traveler’s Locations: Interlaken


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