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The region of Normandy is located in the northwestern part of France and is a relatively short trip away from Paris. It is a popular travel destination for many of those that want to experience the essence of Northern France. Normandy has it all, from a rich history that dates back centuries, to amazing landscapes and exquisite cuisine that will leave you wanting more. However, one of the main attractions of Normandy is the incredible architecture. The region is home to stunning fairytale towns that truly capture the imagination. The natural beauty that blends with these busy towns leaves many in awe. Due to the incredible popularity of these picture-perfect locations, Save A Train has put together a list of 5 Fairytale towns to visit in Normandy. Try to include them in your journey next time you are traveling through France.


1. Fairytale Towns To Visit In Normandy: Honfleur, Calvados

Honfleur might be the most famous town on this list. Many tourists visit this fantastic port town and enjoy everything it has to offer. It is unique and recognizable for its tall, narrow, and colorful buildings. It has served as an inspiration to numerous artists throughout the years, and the unique and colorful buildings have been captured in numerous paintings. A walk through the streets of Honfleur will leave you feeling like you stepped into a masterpiece. It will undoubtedly enchant you. 

The town has a lot of tourists coming through it and offers everything from delicious seafood, to exciting museums. If you ever visit this fantastic town, take in its scenery and history. Most importantly, make sure to enjoy the harbor of the town, which is known as the Vieux Bassin. It is among the most famous tourist destinations in Normandy. The harbor was once home to mostly fishing boats and trading vessels. However, over the years it became home to numerous yachts.

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Honfleur, Calvados Is part of Fairytale Towns to Visit in Normandy


2. Les Andelys, Eure

Les Andelys is everything you need in a quintessential French town. The charming town is right next to the Seine River. In addition to the proximity to a beautiful river, Les Andelys also has picturesque green hills and white stone cliffs all around it. Les Andelys is picture-perfect, which is the reason why many visitors snap hundreds of photos of this fantastic town and its surrounding landscape.

In addition to its beauty, Les Andelys is also famous for its 12th-century castle. The castle, Chateau Gaillard, was once home to Richard the Lionheart. While the castle might be in ruins now, its impressive size and build still impress visitors that climb up the rocky bluff to see it.

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Chateau Gaillard Les Andelys, Eure France


3. Fairytale Towns To Visit In Normandy: Giverny, Eure

Giverny is most known for Claude Monet’s home. Claud Monet rented the property in the 1880s with his family. Over the years his fortune turned for the better, and he became more affluent. Subsequently, he was able to purchase the property, as well as some of the surrounding lands. Monet built a studio there and created a lot of his work on that property, which put Giverny on the map. Apart from Giverny housing the likes of Monet, it was also home to other impressionist artists. These include Claude Cambur, Christophe Demarez, and Ramier. The rich history draws in a lot of art lovers that want to experience the lives and works of these incredible artists.

In addition to the town’s impressive artistic history, the town is also famous for its picturesque scenery. It was one of the main reasons artists loved it. That same charm draws in numerous visitors today. The charming country cottages, picturesque gardens, and vibrant natural ambiance are a must-see. Make sure to stop by Giverny if you are ever in the Eure region of Normandy. 

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4. Beuvron En Auge, Calvados

This amazing little town is located in the Pays dAuge region. The region is famous for its liqueur and cheese. In addition to the fantastic tastes the region offers, you can also experience lovely historical towns. One of the most famous towns in the area is Beuvron en Auge. It is full of historic dwellings that date back to the 1500s. Buildings such as the Vieux manor from the 16th century, combined with the half timbered homes from the 17th century, will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. Walking down the cobbled streets of Beuvron en Auge is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

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Beuvron En Auge, Calvados is on Fairytale Towns to Visit in Normandy


5. Fairytale Towns To Visit In Normandy: Barfleur, Manche

On the northeastern part of Normandy Cotentin Peninsula lies the beautiful coastal town of Barfleur. This quiet fishing town of only about 700 residents is most known for its stunning beauty. It was officially proclaimed as one of the most beautiful towns in France. It was honored with the title of Plus Beaux Village de France, and it is clear to see why. 

Barfleur is a gem like no other. In addition to the picturesque surroundings and vast sea view, it is also home to historic architecture. Firstly, the streets themselves are cobbled and quite old. Secondly, several old houses date back to the 16th century. The oldest house in the town goes back much further than that. In the Sainte Catherine courtyard, you can see a house that dates back to the Middle Ages. It has an entrance, an external staircase, and mullioned windows. Although Barfleur is a small town, it is worth a visit if you are in the area. 

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Barfleur, Manche France


Normandy is quite large, and despite it being home to numerous fairytale towns, each of them is unique. Each has its essence and character that leaves visitors in awe. If you want to experience the wonders of these towns, as well as everything else Normandy has to offer, Book A Train Ticket and start your journey.



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