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Every day it is a common sight to see thousands of passengers using the railways. Hence, it is no wonder, that the railways are known as the lifeline of the country. Without, which they can be immense chaos and it can lead to confusion and severe problems.


All You Need to Know About the Railway Ticket Reservation


Having said that, the availability of the tickets becomes a major issue every time that happens. When you want to book your tickets, you need to ensure that the tickets are available and ready.


What are the kinds of booking process?

You have different kinds of coaches in railway ticket reservation. They are unreserved. The unreserved is usually the most crowded because passengers do not book their tickets in this compartment.

During festival times, it becomes unbearable and the number of people traveling on the train can easily reach several hundreds. If you belong to the elderly or have a physical issue, then it is best to book in a reserved train compartment rather than unreserved.

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The next kind of compartment is the sleeper coach. The sleeper coach as the name goes enables you to relax and sleep throughout your journey. Each train comes with at least 10 bogies that are sleeper coaches.

You can bring your own pillow and bed sheet if you want. Ideal for those who are traveling on a budget. The sleeper 3 tier AC compartment is comfortable and is slightly above the sleeper coach Railway Ticket Reservation.

They are slightly expensive when compared to the sleeper coach because they have AC. The 2-tier AC compartment is another method of travel. It is comfortable and you are provided with immense luxury.

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The same can be said about the first class AC compartment. That is because you are provided with the kind of privacy, which you want. This is the most expensive method of traveling. Lastly, the chair car.

When you are traveling short distances, then you can travel using the chair car. The fares are lesser than the first class AC railway ticket reservation. However, you will want to ensure that the seats are available through SMS alert or online check.

Using the PNR, you can ensure that your ticket is booked. Finally, you need to see that the seats are available. You can do that by ensuring the PNR status is correct before you make further Railway Ticket Reservation bookings.

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As always, do your bookings using a reliable source of information like Save A Train.


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