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One can know their future, by knowing the past, and what better way to learn about the past than by traveling. These 1o top history geeks destinations are a terrific way to learn about ancient cultures, and perhaps where the future can take us.

Hidden away in far-away China, or across the corner from the Colosseum, if you listen attentively you might hear the leaders of ancient empires whispering the most sacred secrets of the world.

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1. Top History Geeks Destinations: Berlin

From the East Side Gallery to the Memorial to the Murdered Jewish People, there are pieces of history around every corner in Berlin. Thus, the trendy city has always been the center of events in Europe. Therefore, in only 48 hours any history geek can learn about the social, cultural, and political events in Europe, just from wandering around Berlin’s landmarks and museums.

Moreover, history lovers can choose between visiting or getting interactive with history. For example, in the DDR museum, you can open drawers that reveal photographs and insights about life in East Germany. To conclude, from the Prussian era to WWII and East Germany Wall, Berlin is home to many historical sites of the most important events in history.

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Walking the History Geeks Destinations: East Germany Wall


2. Rome

With a 2000 years history and 10 amazing historic archeological sites, Rome is a must-visit destination for any history lover. The Italian capital has historical sites on every corner, from the Palatine Hill where Rome was born to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Moreover, the Colosseum is one of the most famous landmarks to visit by rail in the world.

Once the center of the Roman empire and political life, these remarkable sites captivate both history geeks and travelers. There isn’t a single visitor looking at the amazing landmarks that will not wish to learn a bit more about the history behind Italy’s most important historical sites.

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St. Angelo Bridge In Rome in the afternoon


3. Top History Geeks Destinations: Vatican City

Tiny, but wandering around its streets and sites easily fill up an entire week, the Vatican City is a destination every history lover should visit at least once in their lifetime. The place where Christianity came into life at some point 2 thousand years ago, Vatican city remains a place of pilgrimage for both Christians and non-Christians.

In spite of its small size, the State of Vatican has plenty of historic sites where you can learn all about the history of Christianity, art, and the city. From the stories of mankind in the frescos of the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter’s Basilica, the best way to discover fascinating history facts is by following the art. You could begin your journey to the beginning of times in the marvelous works of the Renaissance and Baroque artists.

The best way to get the most of your historical tour in Vatican City is to join a guided city tour. There are great guided tours in the Sistine Chapel and Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica together with climbing up St. Peter’s Duomo for city views, there isn’t a better way to experience this unique historical destination in Italy.


Top History Geeks Destinations: The Vatican Museum Inside


4. St. Petersburg

The historic events that occurred in St. Petersburg shaped Russia’s cultural life and soul forever. This stunning city is one of the top 10 history geeks destinations around the world. From revolutions, Tsars, palaces, and breathtaking architecture, St. Petersburg’s landmarks are some of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world.

So, if you are a history geek, a trip to St. Petersburg will be an epic journey that will take 300 years back in time. You could choose between learning the life of the Romanov Family, to taking a Putin tour. In addition, one shouldn’t forget the great cultural activities, like classic ballet or a folklore show. Music shows and dance performances in Saint Petersburg can be a great way to learn about the history behind its creators.


Savior On The Spilled Blood in good weather


5. Top History Geeks Destinations: York

Not many know that York has a rich Viking heritage in England. However, if you are a true history geek then you probably know a bit about the Vikings’ journey from Scandinavia to England. Yorvik center in the city of York is one of the 10 top history holidays destinations in Europe. In 1976 archeologists made an astonishing discovery and found relics of Vikings’ everyday life and city.

So, today you can trace 1000 years back to the Viking Age, and for a day you can live the traditions, language, and culture. While York has many other great attractions and history, the history of Vikings makes the city a fantastic historical holiday destination.


History Geeks Destinations: Yorkvik Center


6. Shaanxi

Prepared for battle, near the city of Xi’an, there are thousands of life-sized terracotta soldiers. The terracotta army is an amazing revelation from 1974, and the most fascinating historical site in China. These amazing soldiers were crafted to accompany the deceased emperor in his afterlife.

One of the things history lovers will be fascinated with is the fact that the Terracotta soldiers were not the only discovery in Shaanxi. In addition to this, archeologists believe one can discover the entire Xi’an city together with the first emperor.

This 259 – 210BC discovery is a must-see in Xi’an for every history geek on a day trip from Xi’an. On the tour you’ll learn about Qin Shi Huang, who began planning and designing is a mausoleum at the age of 13, when came to the throne as the first emperor of unified China.



7. Top History Geeks Destinations: London

Interested in the history of nature, Queen Elizabeth, or Jack the Ripper? the capital of England is where you can travel back in time to any period in history. Whether WWII, Black history, or perhaps Stonehedge, is what keeps you up watching the history channel, then London will be perfect for a history holiday.

With so many historical landmarks in one city, you shouldn’t surprised that London has the best historic tours in Europe. Therefore, you can choose between palaces and parliament tours, London’s bloody past tour, day-tours from London to Bath, or Oxford, and even a fun Jack the Ripper guided tour. The options are endless, so be well prepared with good walking shoes, and eagerness to listen and absorb surprising historical facts up close and personal in the most interesting historical locations.

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History Geeks Destinations: London in Fall time


8. Paris

Beautiful gardens, charming alleys, enchanting buildings, and cafes, Paris is beauty and charm is unparalleled in all of Europe. As you are wandering through the Parisian streets, you can never know when you step into a historical place when in Paris. With a history that goes back to the 6th century, Paris is a great holiday destination for history geeks.

Any history lover knows that the most beautiful city in Europe was formed mainly in medieval times. So, almost every stone has played a part in the formation of Paris as we know it today. From Saint Germain, Isle Catacombs of Paris, la Marais, to the Louvre, are just a few of the important historic landmarks you can visit on your history holiday.

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Parisian Streets on a cloudy day


9. Top History Geeks Destinations: Barcelona

Barcelona’s beautiful alleys will lead you to wonderful places not only in space but time. Barcelona is a gorgeous city, famous for Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and many more breathtaking landmarks. In addition to their stunning architecture and design, the landmarks in Barcelona are laden with history.

You should begin your historical journey in Casa Amatller, Gaudi’s first creation. This marvelous casa is a great example of Gaudi’s gothic work. In addition, you could also try to spot Moorish influences in Casa Amatller’s architecture. Last but not least, you can visit many unique buildings, in addition to a Picasso museum, and Roman archeological sites one can squeeze into a history holiday in Barcelona.


Mobile phone Picture of the Top 10 History Geeks Destinations: Park Guell


1o. Athens

Athens is a beautiful open-air museum. The city of Pantheon is a 3-km pedestrian, with no walls, so you can simply come close and touch the relics of one of the earliest cultures in the world. Other amazing historic sites include the Temple of Zeus, the ancient theatre of Dionysos, and the most impressive of all, the Acropolis.

The spirits of philosophers flow through the olive trees, mountains, and every historical site in Athens. So, if you are keen on Greek mythology, fascinating Greek history, and the early civilization, then Athens is the perfect history destination for you from the top 10 history geeks destinations in the world.


Filming The Pantheon In Athens


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