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Thanksgiving has always been a very traditional holiday revolving around family, turkey, and football. However, those among you who enjoy traveling and could use a quick getaway should consider spending this year’s holiday season in one of these Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving in Europe.

The old continent has the Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving. Even though the entire continent of Europe is impressive, only a select couple of cities are genuinely fabulous to visit for Thanksgiving.

Europe is usually overcrowded with tourists, but one can’t say the same for late November. That’s why this part of the year is the perfect time to visit ancient cities and recreate Thanksgiving traditions with great food and stunning fall colors.

Whether you’re American or European, the following list of cities should be your top destinations on and around Thanksgiving.


To begin our journey of Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving we picked – Bruges, Belgium

To put it short, Bruges is a real magical city coming straight from some old fairytale. Naturally, the old town is where all the beauty lies. It comes straight from the Medieval era, and here you’ll find a lot of ancient and mesmerizing buildings.

You can take a boat ride through the town’s unreal canals and gaze in wonder at all the foliage-covered buildings. What’s more, because it’s November, everything looks extra dreamlike due to all the beautiful fall colors.

You cannot go wrong by visiting Bruges for a Thanksgiving in Europe. You can even hop on a train to this town to make the whole experience extra incredible! and we are sure as soon as you complete your holiday, you will share this 5 Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving in Europe blog post.

Amsterdam to Bruges Trains

Rotterdam to Bruges Trains

Utrecht to Bruges Trains

The Hague to Bruges Trains


Bruges is one of the Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving


Oslo, Norway

Norway is far in the cold north, but Oslo is thankfully in the southern parts of the country. The city is thus a perfect destination for those who love the cold weather but still can’t take the shivering colds of Norway.

Oslo is truly breathtaking in this part of the year due to all the magical fall scenery. Plus, you get to see the Northern Lights which are best seen in this country, so what more could a person need?

You might not find the traditional Thanksgiving type of food you’re used to, but the experience you get to have is more than worth it. Even though the menu is not as diverse as you’d want, the Norwegians still have a lot of exciting meals to offer. For example, Posle is a traditional Norwegian hotdog. However, it’s cooked in beef stock and wrapped in lefse, a flatbread made from flour, potato, and milk.

From stunning public parks and old fortresses to Viking museums, you’ll have a lot to do in Oslo. We are sure that you’ll want to spend more than just a few days in this magnificent city.

Oslo is our most north pick for 5 Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving in Europe.


Oslo is one of the Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving


London, United Kingdom

You cannot possibly skip London. Everyone has heard about it, and everyone loves it. What’s even better, you’ll fall in love with it in the fall. The city is huge, but being there in the offseason is a perfect time to visit some of the usually crowded locations.

Plenty of events happen at this time of the year, so if you’re an activities fan, you’ll love London. Additionally, the parks in autumn are more than astonishing. Kensington Gardens, Greenwich Park, and Windsor Great Park are some of the many nature heavens you’ll wish to visit.

Those of you that consider food to be an essential part of Thanksgiving, will have your fair share in London. The food scene here is impressive and as diverse as the one back in the major cities in the states. There will be something for everyone’s taste.

The best part about travelling to London is that there are many famous train lines that go from continental Europe to London, like the ones from Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin, all of which offer a magnificent experience of sightseeing the countryside and passing through the Eurotunnel beneath the English Channel or as the French call it – La Manche.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Rotterdam to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains



Lugano, Switzerland

You certainly know about Switzerland, and its magical mountains, but you most likely haven’t heard about Lugano. It’s a gorgeous city in the south of Switzerland, close to the border with Italy.

The city is on the shores of a mesmerizingly blue lake at the bottom of the Alps, which sounds almost magical. That fact alone should be enough to get you to spend your Thanksgiving in Europe right there, Lugano is our most unique pick in Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving.

Furthermore, traveling to and from this city via train is a striking experience on its own. That’s probably the best way to enjoy the beauty of one of the most stunning regions of Europe. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the trip because of the fantastic trains themselves, as the Swiss have one of the most quality trains in Europe.

Basel to Lugano Trains

Bern to Lugano Trains

Lucerne to Lugano Trains

Zurich to Lugano Trains


Lugano Switzerland is one of the Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving


Paris, France

We can’t possibly afford to skip the eternal city of lights. Paris is always one of the most visited cities in the world for a reason. However, it’s often way too crowded which is why late November is the perfect time to visit. Plus, you won’t mind the spellbinding fall colors.

What’s more, Paris in November is a paradise for Instagramers. You won’t be able to stop taking pictures while you’re here. At least, that will ensure that you get a trip which you’ll remember forever.

As for the food, well, you know how it is in France; and besides, Paris is the gastronomic capital of the world. Recreating a Thanksgiving will thus be very easy, and you’ll get a chance to add a flare to it. You won’t be able to do that somewhere else. Only Paris can offer the food and the sightseeing that will astonish even the pickiest traveler.

The only thing that can better the adventure is to catch a train and go through the French countryside. It will be the best experience!

Brussels to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

Marseille to Paris Trains

Amsterdam to Paris Trains




Spend the Best Thanksgiving in the Best Cities to Visit for Thanksgiving in Europe

We could go on and on talking about these cities. Additionally, we could tell you about other places that also deserve your patronage around Thanksgiving. The entire Bavarian region of Germany, the North of Italy with Milan especially, Scotland, and much more. Thanksgiving in Europe can be a memorable experience in any of these places.


Wherever you decide to go in the end, you should consider traveling by train. Like we said multiple times, some of these places won’t give you a genuinely complete experience unless you visit them by rail. Only that way will you be able to experience the magic of Europe truly. Contact Save A Train to get your tickets as soon as possible because Thanksgiving is almost here!


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