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Medieval castles, vineyards, breathtaking landscapes, are just a few things that make Europe perfect for a fall vacation. Every European city has its charm, but the destinations on our 10 best fall vacations in Europe’s list are a few of the most beautiful places.

Europe is especially stunning in the fall when trees and hills are painted in bright orange, fiery red, and yellow. In late October, there are fewer crowds in the streets, and this means that you get to have the beautiful fall views all to yourself. Fall is a great time for traveling because the hotel and travel prices drop significantly.

It is easy and comfortable to travel to all the amazing spots on our list by train. From Loire valley in France to Luxembourg, train travel is perfect for planning the most memorable fall vacation in Europe you have had to date.


1. Fall Vacation In Umbria, Italy

While many prefer Tuscany for a fall vacation in Europe, the Umbria region in Italy is by far much more impressive and one of the best fall travel destinations in Europe and Italy.

Easily accessible by train from Rome, Umbria offers fewer crowds and cheaper accommodation prices in Italy. From late September to October, you can enjoy the white truffle and new wine festival in towns like Gubbio.  Also, you could head to Perugia for the annual Eurochocolate festival. So, Umbria is all about pampering yourself in the great landscapes, enjoying the best food and wine during your fall vacation in Europe. During a short or long trip, you live in a romantic postcard-like place, in one of the best fall vacation places in Europe.

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Umbria, Italy


2. Cinque Terre, Italy

The photos online don’t do justice to the magical Cinque Terre region in Italy. The colorful houses at the top of the hills, surrounded by vineyards, local restaurants, and hiking trails, all make this region an amazing fall travel destination in Europe. Cinque Terre actually consists of 8 small villages and a train rail connects all of them to each other. This makes it especially easy to visit every single one of the villages in 2-3 days if you are short on time. What could be better than train hopping in one of the best places in Europe in the fall?

Cinque Terre is usually a hot summer destination for the beaches and pristine water. However, it is much better to visit the fall, because the narrow streets are relatively empty from tourists. Therefore, while most restaurants are closed, you could still find an open bar overlooking the sea and admire the views in tranquility.

You can spend 4 days exploring the villages and spend a long weekend in La Spezia city, your starting point for train travel in Cinque Terre. From La Spezia, you train travel to any other village of your choice.

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Cinque Terre Italy at sunset


3. Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Sparkling turquoise water, terracotta-colored houses, lake Lugano in Switzerland is one of our top fall travel destinations in Europe. Switzerland has many unforgettable places for that fall vacation in Europe and Lugano is one of Switzerland’s crown jewels.

The temperatures are still warm in mid-October, so you can sit by the lake with a glass of wine from the vineyards around or taste polenta stew in the traditional autumn festival. If you are interested in adding a bit of excitement and adventure to your fall vacation in Europe,  you can hike up Monte Bre. The views from the peak are some of the breathtaking views of Lugano Bay.

The Old Town of Lugano has colorful townhouses, 10 squares, and the luxurious shopping street Via Nessa. The bottom line, Lake Lugano is perfect for both nature-loving and beautiful life-loving travelers. Lugano lake is terrific for a relaxing short weekend or extended vacation in Europe.

You can easily travel to Lugano lake by train from Milan Central in a little more than an hour. Trains depart every hour from Milan train station.

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lugano countryside


4. Fall Vacation In Hannover, Germany

Hannover is the most underrated city in Germany, but one of the best destinations for a fall vacation in Europe. This great city is home to a huge park, twice the size of Central Park in New York.  Ancient oak trees and a beautiful lake are on the park grounds, ideal for strolls and lazy afternoons in the autumn.

The Marktplatz Old Town and clock tower are a great starting point to discover Gothic architecture. You can continue to the impressive New Town Hall, a grand-palace-like structure overlooking a lake. Green lands and trees surround the grand palace and complete the majestic atmosphere and view in golden colors.

Hannover is one of Germany’s gems and couldn’t be prettier in the fall. If you are planning a fall vacation to Europe, then Hannover is the ideal travel destination. Not many tourists have discovered its magic yet, so, you could be the first to have the time of your life in the city.

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5. The Bavarian Alps And The Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest and Bavarian Alps are a popular choices for a fall family vacation in Europe. This stunning region in Germany is one of the best fall travel destinations in Germany.

When you step off the train in one of the picturesque villages, you will immediately feel that you stepped straight to a Brothers Grimm story. Stunning lakes, the Triberg waterfalls, green valleys, and vineyards guarantee an unforgettable fall vacation in Europe.

The foliage changes colors to golden tones, while in the background there are snow-topped mountains. Relaxing in a wooden cabin after a great hike in the Alps is an unforgettable experience. You could also visit one of the 25 castles in the area and Neuschwanstein Castle is a remarkable castle to explore on your fall vacation in Europe.

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The Bavarian Alps And The Black Forest, Germany


6. Fall Vacation In Ahornboden, Austria

Rissbachtal Valley and Karwendel Alpine Park, are a majestic travel destinations in Austria for autumn vacation. The Alpine terrain of Ahornboden has 2,000 years old Sycamore-Maple trees looking stunning in their autumn attire of gold and orange. Nature and mountains create absolutely fantastic scenery for a memorable fall travel destination in Europe.

This region in Tyrol is especially recommended for mountain bikers and experienced walkers. The national park has many great hikes and trails among limestone mountains for an unforgettable vacation in Europe.

Salzburg is just 3 hours away from Ahornboden by train, including transfers. In addition, there are great hotel deals and accommodation options in Grosser Ahornboden during the off-season.

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Fall Vacation In Ahornboden, Austria


7. Fall Vacation In Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is located in the wine region of France. This means that 185,000 acres of grapevines ablaze in gold in late October. Therefore it is by far one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe and a spectacular fall vacation travel destination.

While many take a day-trip from Paris, it is highly recommended you stay a long weekend in Loire Valley to fully appreciate its magic and beauty. This way, you could visit one or two of the amazing castles in the valley, such as Chateau de Chambord. Some say this remarkable castle was designed by De Vinci himself.

The Chateau de Chambord is 2 hours south of Paris and you can train travel from Paris Austerlitz to Blois-Chambord.  Within an hour and a half, you will be wandering the beautiful palace.

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8. Bordeaux, France

There’s nothing more charming and romantic than France in the fall. Bordeaux is an underrated French city and home to the Saint-Emilion vineyards and the beaches of Arcachon, These 2 places are just a few of the reasons that will make you fall in love with Nouvelle Aquitaine in Bordeaux. Palaces, wine tours, spa treatments, and cooking lessons, make Bordeaux a splendid travel destination for your fall vacation.

In late October most tourists are back at home, so travel and accommodation prices drop in Bordeaux. At this time the vineyards begin the grapes harvest and you can stay in one of the many chateaux in the area and pinch in. This will surely add a unique experience to your vacation photo album.

The region is great to reach by train from anywhere in France, and there are direct high-speed trains from Paris-Austerlitz and Montparnasse train stations.

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Fall Vacations in Bordeaux, France


9. Fall Vacation In Paris, France

Our best fall vacation in Europe list won’t be complete without Paris. Paris is always a good idea, but it is especially lovely in the fall. Luxembourg Gardens, small French cafes, and live street music create the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation in Europe.

Sip hot chocolate or watch the Montmarte grape harvest festival, Paris has many gorgeous spots for snapping those stunning pictures. The most photogenic spots are Jardins du Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, and Jardin des Tuileries. From the end of October, there is an annual autumn festival in various venues across the city of music, dance, and art performances. So, whether it’s rainy or sunny, Paris offers many great things to do.

Paris is less crowded and travel prices are very affordable off-season, so train travel and accommodation make Paris a great fall travel destination for a European vacation.

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Fall Vacation In Paris, France


10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In springtime, the tulips adorn Amsterdam’s gardens and parks, but in the fall, orange, yellow and red foliage color the canals and streets. Amsterdam is an absolute beauty and therefore it is one of the best fall vacation places in Europe. You could walk through Amsterdam in only 3 days, but you’ll want to stay longer and stop at every corner to appreciate the beautiful views.

Amsterdam is an amazing city for a vacation in Europe, with 50 museums in the city, boat rides in the canals, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in this amazing fall travel destination in the Netherlands. in addition, there are marvelous parks where you can have a picnic or bike around if the weather is nice.

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe, accessible by train from anywhere in the neighboring countries, and easy to navigate within the city.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Fall Colors


Bonus: Fall Vacation In Luxembourg

Belgium, France, and Germany surround small Luxembourg country, the perfect fall travel destination in Europe. The city of Luxembourg is famed for its Old Town, situated on cliffs and surrounded by a medieval fortress. Its stunning architecture and old-world charm have earned it the title of UNESCO world heritage site. The Grand Ducal Palace and Adolph bridge are must-sees spots on your vacation to Luxembourg.

Gardens and many viewpoints offer breathtaking views of the entire city and its surrounding. in the fall the views are especially beautiful in autumnal colors. So, while Luxembourg is the tiniest city in Europe, it stands proudly next to the big cosmopolitan cities like Paris. It is definitely worth choosing Luxembourg for your vacation in Europe in the fall.

Thanks to the advanced rail services, you can travel anywhere in Europe in no time. From the big cosmopolitan city to the tiny and remarkable city, every city in our 10 best cities for a fall vacation in Europe,  has its unique charm and magic.

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Luxembourg Fall Vacation Scenery


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