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There are a number of interesting and active train stations in Spain. You will find high speed, medium distance, regional, metropolitan and hotel-train travel throughout the country. From big modern stations to smaller ones surrounded by nature, these are 10 of Spain’s most Fascinating Train Stations.


Barcelona, Spain (Sants Train Station)

This modern station is one of the busiest train station in Barcelona. It is the main train station for both national and international train connections. This station is fairly large and located within the city center. It is used by both locals and tourists and will connect you with most train stations across Spain.


Madrid (Puerta de Atocha Train Station)

This station is the biggest in Madrid and has been around for many years. It is a beautiful station and one of the most Fascinating Train Stations, that houses a beautiful tropical garden and turtle sanctuary inside. On March 11, 2004, a day now known in Spain as 11-M, 191 people were killed in a series of bombings. They occurred in four commuter trains both in this station and nearby.


Fascinating Train Stations in spain, Madrid

Sevilla (Santa Justa Train Station)

Santa Justa is the third-busiest station in Spain, with a total of twelve platforms. It is named after one of Seville’s favorite saints (sister of Santa Rufina). The building is located in the Eastern part of Seville’s city center. The clean build and design are an example of the city’s modernization plans of 1991.


Ronda Railway Station

Ronda is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. This Spanish choice of Fascinating Train Stations is indicative of this, and certainly a must-see. The station was built back in 1892, however, it has been updated and wonderfully maintained over the years. The station still has the “Anglo” or colonial Indian look though. The wood-fringed canopy is supported on wrought iron pillars spanning the adjacent platform.


Puebla de Sanabria Train Station

This station is located in the beautiful old city of Zamora. It is one of the most famous train stations in Spain because of its beauty which is due to the regional and traditional architecture, with slate rooves, ashlar stones and a big central arch presiding. This station is also famous for the relevance it had on the Ruta de la Plata as a connection spot.


Zamora Train Station

This station is located in the city of Zamora in Castile and Leon and is considered to be one of the most Fascinating Train Stations ever made. Its construction had to be stopped in 1929 and it was finally completed in 1958. It has a captivating Renaissance inspiration with some details that are a reminder of a late Gothic style. It really is breath-taking.


Estacion del Norte Train Station

This train station can be found in the town of San Sebastian, a beautiful place offering both incredible sea and mountain views. This station is an attraction in itself as the canopy covering the platforms was designed by Gustave Eiffel who is the very same person who designed the Eiffel Tower in France.


Canfranc Estacion Train Station

This abandoned pick of Fascinating Train Stations can be found on the border between Spain and France. It was opened in 1928 and dubbed the “Titanic of the Mountains.” It was built to boost trade between the two countries but after was not maintained and has been abandoned since 1970. The station is falling to pieces today. Tourists are still able to see a resemblance of how grand it was in its day. More Spanish tourists have visited the site since 2013. More than the number of people who ever visited the station while it was open.


Estacio del Nord Train Station

This is the main train station in the city of Valencia. It was built in 1917 and became a symbol of European modernist architecture. It is a large building with a big clock and an eagle sculpture in the center, which are some of the most representative elements of the station today. This pick of Fascinating Train Stations is also considered a building of Cultural Interest.


Algeciras Train Station

This station is located in the upper part of Algeciras and a few kilometers from the port due to a historical requirement that meant it had to be out of range of the Gibraltar 100-ton cannon. This train is used by people who would like to visit the Rock of Gibraltar. It was first opened in 1982 and still has an old-school look and feel to it.


While there are a number of them operating in Spain today, these are 10 of Spain’s most fascinating train stations to visit. Train travel is a big part of the public transport system in the country and runs smoothly across the board. There are a number of beautiful day trips as well as over-night adventures to be had by train and it is worth your while to make use of the railways when you visit Spain.


Fascinating Train Stations in spain, VALENCIA














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