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Buying train tickets in Europe is always exciting. First of all, at Save A Train we are always looking for low-cost train tickets for you. We have explored topics like nice hotels and beautiful train journeys. But the hottest topic in the train industry is the environment. The Coradia Ilint is the world’s first low-riding train. It is probably the most environmentally-friendly train on the planet.


New low-riding train in Europe

The Coradia Ilint is a hydrogen-based low-riding train. It journeys between Germany and the Czech Republic. The new train recently completed a 4-week test run. During the tests, the train went at 80 KM per hour. Tests also assessed the breaks for the train. Other aspects are still being tested to ensure a smooth train journey.

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Hydrogen only train

The new train is the world’s first hydrogen-powered fuel cell train. It also uses electrical power for the traction. Meaning it will give off zero emissions only emitting condensed water and steam. The train is silent. The Coradia Ilint low-riding train has the following unique aspects;

  1. Clean energy conversion
  2. Flexible energy storage due to batteries
  3. Smart management of the traction power and available energy

Toyota tried to also implement this hydrogen approach to their cars it seems like the approach only works with trains. The train is scheduled to launch in the UK in 2021. Coradia Ilint low-riding train launched successfully in addition to Germany at the beginning of 2018. In order for the train to operate it needs its own hydrogen refueling station which currently is located on the Salzgitter tracks.

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Press Comments

Didier Pfleger, vice president of Alstom Germany and Austria said;

“This test run is a significant milestone because of environmental protection and technical innovation”

“In addition today our new traction system, so far successfully proved on the test ring, is used on a train for the first time – a major step towards cleaner mobility in Europe”

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In total there are 14 Coradia Ilint low-riding trains in Europe. These trains will replace the current trains because they use diesel. Most noteworthy, the trains can cover 1000 km on one tank refill.

Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), said:

“Emission-free, energy-efficient and cost-effective – trainsets with fuel cell drive are most of all environmentally friendly alternative to diesel locomotives. To strengthen the industrial site of Lower Saxony, we want to fund LNVG’s project by investing around 8.4 million euros. The funds are to be provided from the National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology


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