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Transportation, in every form, is the backbone of any country and its economy. It was only through roads, rail, and air that we were able to connect the world in a way that it became much smaller than it truly is. Thus, when we look at major industries around the world, transportation is one of the most active ones, constantly changing for the betterment of our future.

Recent trends in the travel and transportation industry have been towards creating greener options. A much-needed move to save our environment, new developments in transportation are thus already working on this principle. However, these advancements are also breaking the boundaries of how we have been traveling for the past century. And by doing this, they are leading us to a future of travel that will be faster, safer, and literally out of this world.


The Future Of Travel: Space Tourism

Space has been humankind’s final frontier for the longest of time. However, since we stepped foot on the moon decades ago, there hasn’t been anything substantial to excite the common public. Now though, there is an ongoing race to take people into space, for leisure. Space tourism is the next big thing, and while it might be expensive and exclusive, it’s a big step towards the future, which will in all likelihood involve colonising Mars or making habitable space stations where hundreds of individuals can live together. However, while scientists might have taken a step in the right direction, we might have to wait for a few generations before any significant visible progress comes to light.

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The Future Of Travel


Travel And Transportation Industry: Driverless Cars

Ask any person about their idea of transportation in the future, and they are more than likely to mention driverless cars. There already are trains around the world that work on this principle. Moreover, for the longest of time, scientists and industry leaders have been working towards making the roads safer by including technology into our daily driving experience. What makes driverless cars worth the wait is that it will completely revolutionize the industry in many ways. From being more environmentally friendly to road safety, people will be able to cover longer distances without the strain of having to drive for hours.

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The Future Of Travel: Trains

One of the oldest forms of public transport around, trains still clearly have a place in our future. Surprisingly, perhaps more than ever before. Even as new technologies are created to make railway systems safer, faster, and more convenient, the fundamental need for such a system will increase commensurately. Trains are already something of a social equalizer as the very rich often ride alongside the poorest of the working classes but because of the rapid rise of the world’s population, particularly in industrialized countries, efficient and affordable train systems will be crucial to fighting traffic congestion. This will also be a major impact on the environment as trains will be able to run efficiently on clean energy while at the same time taking countless gas-heavy cars off the road and lowering earth’s CO2 emissions.

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sbb train



The Hyperloop is being described as the “first new major mode of transportation in 100 years.” It involves traveling at supersonic speeds inside a tube, connecting one destination with another. Hyperloop can possibly be used to transport both cargo and people. However, even though the enigmatic Elon Musk is at the forefront of this technology, some countries are skeptical about Hyperloop and if it really is worth investing money in. Nevertheless, traveling via this new form of transportation is closer to reality than we’d expect, with tests and construction of tubes already ongoing in California and possibly Europe soon.

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Virtual Reality

This one is specifically for armchair travelers, who enjoy visiting new places but prefer to do that from the comfort of their homes. While VR has already gone commercial, soon enough, we will see an integration between VR, IR, and AR, leading to an experience that is as close to real-life as possible. From visiting the seven wonders of the world to taking a dive into the Great Barrier Reef, this new technology will help people see the world like never before.

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