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Koj puas tau xav tsis thoob tias qhov chaw zoo tshaj plaws Halloween nyob hauv Europe yog dab tsi? Cov neeg feem coob ntseeg tias Halloween yog kev tsim neeg Asmeskas. Txawm li cas los, cov nyiaj so koobtsheej trick-los-kho, zombie parades thiab costumes yog Celtic keeb kwm. Nyob rau hauv lub dhau los, people would wear costumes around bonfires to scare away ghosts during the Celtic festival Samhain. Halloween is explicitly celebrated on October 31st because, in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as the day of all saints.

Yog li ntawd, Halloween is instead of European origin. Ntxiv mus, in some places, it has become a festival that lasts beyond the night of the holy. The following few places plan superb Halloween festivals, offering fun for the whole family and unique activities in the spookiest places on the planet. Yog li ntawd, if you plan your Halloween costume a year in advance, you will love these Halloween destinations in Europe.

1. Halloween In Derry, Northern Ireland

Halloween enthusiasts rated Derry as the number 1 Halloween destination in Europe. The ancient city walls encompass the most incredible Halloween display of haunting and spooky projections on the walls. Txij li thaum lub 17th century Halloween has been the biggest celebration in this Derry in Northern Ireland.

About a week before October 31st, the streets of Derry are adorned with a Halloween atmosphere. Piv txwv li, visitors can enjoy great street shows, Jack O’Lantern workshops, and locals in amazing costumes. Yuav kom nws sab saum toj, you wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic Return of the Ancient Parade. This parade has been taking place for the last 35 years on October 31st in the old town square.

Antwerp rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Ghent rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Middelburg rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Leiden rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau


Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

2. Halloween In Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania

It might not be the biggest Halloween festivity destination, but Transylvania is definitely the most famous. The house of Dracula, the legendary vampire, attracts thousands of Halloween lovers annually who find themselves wandering the medieval streets, mesmerized by the fortified churches and Saxon Citadels.

While the original Dracula was actually Vlad, the Romanian emperor, famous for its brutality, doesn’t stop travelers from arriving for Halloween festivities at Bran castle. In addition to celebrating Halloween, visitors to this region in Romania can explore the spooky castles in Transylvania, famous for stories about haunting spirits inhabiting these ancient castles.


3. Halloween In Corinaldo, Ltalis

Italy is best known for its delicious cuisine, laid-back countryside, caw, and la Bella Vida. Txawm li cas los, the lesser-known side of this marvelous country is revealed during Halloween. Corinaldo looks like an enchanting town with incredible landscapes. Txawm li cas los, Corinaldo’s rich history has put it on the map of the best Halloween festivals in Europe.

The residents in Corinaldo will not only be dressed as witches and warlocks for Halloween but will also celebrate their spooky heritage, as many of them are witch descendants. Visitors will be able to meet them at the local witch and crafts market, where there will be street performances and other surprises. Corinaldo is in central Italy, on the banks of Nevola River, behind 14th-century walls.

Milan mus rau tim Loos tsheb ciav hlau

Florence mus rau tim Loos tsheb ciav hlau

Venice mus rau tim Loos tsheb ciav hlau

Naples mus rau tim Loos tsheb ciav hlau


Best Halloween Destinations in Europe


4. Burg Frankenstein, Lub teb chaws Yelemees

The inspiration for Marry Shelly’s novel, Burg Frankenstein in Germany, is home to the longest Halloween festival in Europe. Originally the place inspired Shelly to write the famous story about Frankenstein, the alchemist who used his talents for more than alchemy.

Txij thaum ntawd los, Burg Frankenstein has become a top destination for Halloween lovers from all over the world. Travelers from the US and Europe travel to Burg in Germany to celebrate Halloween for two weeks. Piv txwv li, the iconic house opens its doors to host themed dinner parties. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, families can with children can enjoy the Halloween atmosphere through the various activities during this time.

Frankfurt rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Leipzig rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hanover rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hamburg rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau


Sinister Castle

5. Villains Parade In Disneyland, Paris

The magical kingdom Disneyland nyob rau hauv Paris is the ideal Halloween destination for both families and adults. The enchanting streets of this fabulous kev lom zem ua si transform into an impressive Halloween festival of the most notorious villains in your favorite tales.

Unlike other Halloween destinations in Europe, in Disneyland Paris, the festivities last for a whole month, starting October 1st. Yog li ntawd, you can celebrate as much as you wish and have a different costume for every night during Halloween month in Paris Disneyland.

Amsterdam rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

London rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

Rotterdam rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

Zaub pob los Paris tsheb ciav hlau



6. Halloween In Amsterdam

In recent years Amsterdam’s popularity has become one of the best Halloween destinations in Europe. During Halloween, Amsterdam’s canals wear the holiday spirits and the beautiful housesspooky traditional decorations. Txawm li cas los, these details might be perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. tseem, Amsterdam has a bigger plan to create an unforgettable Halloween experience for the many travelers arriving in late October.

Visitors to Amsterdam can enjoy scary movie marathons, ghost tours, fetish parties, and many more surprises this charming has in store. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, Amsterdam hosts a fantastic monster’s ball where you will meet spooky GoGo Ghouls, admire the spectacular costumes of the Dutch crowds, and have a unique Halloween atmosphere.

Zaub pob los Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

London rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau


Halloween Costume Party

7. Halloween In London

London is always hectic and crowded with tourists who love its amazing vibes. The British capital is a great shopping destination, with fantastic rooftop bars for cocktails and a great cultural scene. Txawm li cas los, London also has a darker side that comes to life during Halloween. Dungeons, Jack the Ripper, thiab cov ancient streets of London create the perfect setting for a mind-blowing Halloween.

Yog li, the streetstrendy and posh capital for one week in late October turned into a giant Halloween festival. In addition to Halloween events in the main attractions, the rooftop bars and restaurants host Halloween dinners and parties. Yog li ntawd, book your stay in East London if you want to experience the spookiest Halloween. This area is notoriously famous for its ghost stories of serial killers and other legends.

Amsterdam Mus London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Zaub pob los London Cov tsheb ciav hlau


Creepy Doll Halloween Costume

ntawm no yog nyob Txuag A tsheb ciav hlau, we will be happy to help you plan a train trip to the spookiest alleys of Europe, where you can listen to ghost tales of ancient legends.



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