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Co avance da tecnoloxía, viaxar nunca foi tan fácil. Hai moitas formas de viaxar nestes días, pero viaxar en tren é a mellor forma de viaxar. Reunímonos 10 beneficios de viaxar en tren, so if you still have doubts about how to get around in Europe, you will find it very helpful.


1. Viaxes ecolóxicos

Traveling by train is an environment-friendly way of traveling. Generation Z travelers, ou zoomers, senten moi firmemente o uso do transporte ecolóxico mentres exploran o mundo e descobren culturas. Traveling by train produces less carbon than cars or air traveling. Ademáis, xa que os trens son transporte comunitario, o combustible é compartido entre moitos pasaxeiros, en comparación con viaxar individualmente.

Trens Amsterdam a Londres

París para trens de Londres

Berlín para trens de Londres

Bruxelas para trens de Londres


10 Benefits Of Traveling By Train


2. As mellores vistas do mundo

Algunhas das vistas máis pintorescas do mundo só se poden ver dende a fiestra dun tren. Train routes pass through fantastic places where cars nor buses will never pass. The benefit of traveling by train is that you can admire these views without driving and in a comfortable train seat.

In addition to admiring the views from the train window, the journey is an opportunity to document your travels. Traveling by train as opposed to driving allows you to take a break for exploring and remember all the people you’ve met and places you visited and write them down in a journal, as well as details from the scenery on the way.

Frankfurt para Trens Berlín

Leipzig para Trens Berlín

Hanover para Trens Berlín

Hamburgo para Trens Berlín


Mountain Railway


3. Sen atrasos meteorolóxicos

When you travel by plane, there are very often delays or, no peor dos casos, flight cancellations. You can choose to travel by car, pero se estás a planificar unhas vacacións de inverno, then blocked roads due to heavy snow and even slippery roads can cause delays on your trip. A few hours’ delays can result in a chain of delays if you have a long journey ahead.

Porén, a viaxe en tren é moito máis sinxela e non sofre atrasos nos cambios climáticos extremos. Trains are famous for punctuality and comfort and are very safe to travel by, especialmente en malas condicións meteorolóxicas. Por exemplo, o Ver cambiar as vistas desde a comodidade dun tren de luxo é unha experiencia de viaxe impagable is the best way to travel from Europe to Russia and China when the weather outside is snowy and cold for most of the year.

Bruxelas para Trens Amsterdam

Londres aos trens Amsterdam

Berlín para Amsterdam Trens

París para Trens Amsterdam


10 Benefits Of Traveling By Train in a city


4. Punctuality

Unha das peores cousas que poden pasar nunha viaxe é cando un voo se atrasa ou se cancela sen unha explicación. Os trens son moi puntuais e seguen os horarios. Train delays are rare and barely happen without notice in advance.

polo tanto, un dos 10 benefits of traveling by train is punctuality. Se viaxas nun horario apretado con varios medios de transporte, logo tomar un train journey is the ideal way to travel.

Salzburgo para Trens Viena

Múnic para Trens Viena

Graz aos trens Viena

Praga para Trens Viena


5. Localización da estación central

A vantaxe de viaxar en tren é que podes subirte a un tren desde o centro da cidade, na maior parte de Europa. Train stations in Europe are located in central locations, making trains accessible and comfortable for every type of traveler.

Entón, na maioría dos casos, a estación central de tren será a 7 minutos a pé da praza da cidade. Therefore traveling by train from the airport to the hotel and back is the most comfortable way to travel in most European cities.



6. Affordability

Trains are quick, moderno, cómodo, and fantastic time savers for travelers. Despite these great benefits, traveling by train is one of the most budget-friendly ways of traveling. Railway companies have great offers for any traveler: familia, businessman, viaxeiro individual, elderly traveler, e moito máis.

Ademais, there are my types of rail passes for any kind of trip. Así, se está traveling in Europe on a budget, or with a desire to splurge, are short on time, are a solo traveler, or traveling with a friend, then train traveling is the most affordable and recommended way of traveling.

Interlaken para trens Suiza

Lucerna aos trens de Zúrich

Bern aos trens de Zúrich

Xenebra para trens Suiza


Train Station Wallpaper

7. Capacidade para traballar

A diferenza dos autobuses, trains always offer Wi-Fi connections, táboas, e un ambiente cómodo para traballar mentres estás na túa viaxe. Aínda que quizais necesites mercar un 1st billete de clase para viaxar en clase business ou obter wifi gratuíto, se viaxas por traballo, entón un tren ofrece as mellores condicións para traballar mentres está na estrada.

Así, the train is the perfect place to finish a presentation or a report if you are viaxando a empresas. Ademáis, you can make some business calls online using face time without losing precious time. Zoom or Teams have certainly become an acceptable way to do business meetings, wherever you are.


Man Working On Laptop In a Train

8. Perfecto para viaxar en grupo

Os trens son unha excelente forma de viaxar con amigos ou familiares. Ao contrario dos autobuses e avións, no tren, todo o grupo pode sentarse xuntos arredor dunha mesa ou compartir unha cabina. It is incredibly comfortable on trens durmientes and long journeys, where you can reserve a cabin for four people.

Unha vantaxe adicional para os grupos que viaxan en tren é que algunhas compañías ferroviarias teñen ofertas especiais para grupos. Por exemplo, pode obter ata 30% apagado se viaxas en grupo de 3 a 9 pasaxeiros, que pode ser un gran aforro na súa viaxe. Entón, you get a great discount and share the journey with the people you feel most comfortable with, guaranteeing a sound and pleasant sleep.

Trens de Lyon a Versalles

Trens de París a Versalles

Trens de Orleans a Versalles

Trens de Burdeos a Versalles


10 Benefits Of Traveling By Train

9. Comfortable Long Trips

Traveling long distances requires patience, tempo, and preparation. Trains are a great way to cover a lot of miles in a short time and with minimum effort. Intercity or regional trains are equipped with the best facilities, ready to cater to passengersevery need.

Travelers needn’t worry about where the next stop is for grabbing a bite to eat, bathroom breaks, or even passing through passport control to make it to the connection flight. Trains have an onboard cafe, don’t require getting off at the border checkpoint, and have everything they might need on an 8-hour train trip a few steps away from the seat.

Múnic para Trens Innsbruck

Salzburgo para Trens Innsbruck

Oberstdorf para Trens Innsbruck

Graz para Trens Innsbruck


High Speed Rail waiting for departure

10. Planificación con antelación

One of the top benefits of traveling by train rather than by bus, coche, or plane is that you know precisely when you depart and when you arrive. This advantage is perfect for business travelers, who cannot risk delays on their itinerary due to traffic jams or technical issues. Ademais, traveling by train will get you exactly where you need to go, in case you tend to get lost or bad in directions.

Así, a reliable means of transportation is essential for traveling, and the ability to plan in advance is among the top 10 beneficios de viaxar en tren. Simply book your train ticket online, and plan the rest of the trip in advance by booking the hotel, Tours, and any other activities you wish to do.

Trens de Viena a Budapest

Trens de Praga a Budapest

Trens de Múnic a Budapest

Trens de Graz a Budapest


Vintage Train Station

aquí no Gardar un tren, we will be happy to help you plan and benefit from an unforgettable train trip.



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