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Саяхат - бұл өз-өзіңізбен демалудың және қайта қосылудың тамаша мүмкіндігі, және мұны жоғарыдан бірінен гөрі жақсырақ жасау жолы 10 Еуропадағы баяу қалалар. Егер сіз білмеген болсаңыз, жылы 1999 баяу қалалардың қозғалысы басталды, Cittaslow in none other than Italy, celebrating the dolce vita. Сол уақыттан бері, many cities across Europe have joined in the celebration of the laid-back, close-to-mother nature of good life living.

1. Top Slow Cities In Europe: Silly, Бельгия

The land of medieval towns, river valleys, and green meadows. Silly is famous for its easy-going nature and relaxed way of life. Одан басқа, the French-speaking town offers excellent cycling paths and hiking trails through historic castles and chapels.

One of the top things that define Silly as a slow city it’s the importance of culture and heritage. Silly is built around a medieval castle, with old stone alleys and forests around it. Away from the harm of a fast-paced world, you can barely see the history behind the forest of tourists.

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Париж Лондонға Trains

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Лондон поезының Брюссель


10 Slow Cities in Europe


2. Midden-Delfland, Нидерланды

Between Rotterdam, және Гаага, 2 of the most visited places in the Netherlands, Midden-Delfland is the first slow city in the Dutch country. This small patch of green, unique fresh foods, and charm was the first to reclaim the title “Slow City” in the Netherlands.

Сонымен, if you are looking for a serene destination to escape from hectic Rotterdam, Midden-Delfland will be a piece of sanity and beautiful living. In addition to exploring this slow city’s countryside, travelers can explore and taste local cheese, honey, and grape. Бұлай, travelers get to learn about the local way of life in Midden-Delfland and experience sustainability, and become smart travelers who will share other stories of eco-travel.

Амстердам поезының Брюссель

Лондон Амстердам поезының

Амстердам поезының Берлин

Париж Амстердам поезының


Peaceful Landscape of a lake


3. Top Slow Cities In Europe: Cortona, Тоскана

In the rolling hills of Tuscany, the town of Cortona is the ultimate example of a slow city in Europe. осылайша, you could be resting under the Tuscan sky, or in the vineyards of Chiana Valley with the views of Lake Trasimeno. This amazing scenery is just 2 hours from Florence, one of the most popular Italian cities.

Сонымен, Despite the proximity geographically, Cortona’s atmosphere is completely different from its neighbors. Protected by the great city walls from Roman times in the narrow streets of the city you can learn of fortifications and life in the Etruscan past.

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Venice to Rome Trains

Рим поезының Неаполь


Slow City Lifestyle Inner courtyard


4. Enns In Austria

Austria’s oldest town is tucked away amidst ancient forests. Behind Renaissance and Baroque facades, a tower, and impressive walls, ancient Enns is the epitome of a slow city. Well-sheltered from the modern world stresses the people of Enns protect the history and magic of their sleepy town.

сондықтан, if you want a relaxing holiday then Enns is a fantastic destination. Одан әрі, a picnic on a lazy afternoon by the Danube will make your trip complete. The city that is located in Upper Austria will lift your spirits up to a new level of divine living.

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Зальцбург Инсбрук Trains

Инсбрук поезының Оберстдорф

Инсбрук поезының Грац



5. Top Slow Cities In Europe: Biskupiec, Польша

Part of the Masurian Lake District, Biskupiec is a lovely city in Poland that preserves slow city life. The well-preserved wild nature around the lake district demonstrates that Biskupiec values life, healthy, және экологиялық таза, in contrast to the hectic lifestyle in the big cities.

Одан әрі, you should check out Zatorze, the culture center of Biskupiec. This way you can learn more about the city’s vision and how it maintains a slow way of life. Одан басқа, Biskupiec has some great cafes and bars where you can try local cuisine.


Colorful Buildings Slow City In Poland


6. Mendrisio, Швейцария

Located in the Southern region of Switzerland, Mendrisio’s rich heritage, agricultural treasures, and nature place it in one of the top 10 Еуропадағы баяу қалалар. The natural splendor of parks and gardens that can be explored on foot, or by cycling, are great examples of the environment-aware community in the town of Mendrisio.

Одан басқа, Mendrisio is home to a few world heritage sites, like the three churches, and six palaces. Сонымен, if you wish to take a break from sipping wine from the local vineyards, you could head out to explore the Church of S. Martino or the mosaics of S. Maria in Borgo.

Цюрих поезының Interlaken

Цюрих поезының Люцерн

Цюрих поезының Bern

Женева Цюрих Trains


Winery In Switzerland


7. Abbiategrasso, Италия

Abbiatergrasso is another hidden gem in Italy, in the gorgeous Ticino Valley. Сондай-ақ,, a member of the slow cities’ movement, Abbiatergrasso is just 22km from the capital of fashion, Милан. In contrast to Milan, Abbiatergrasso offers a quiet atmosphere in the Ticino valley nature reserve.

In addition to birds singing, travelers will enjoy visiting a castle, және шіркеулер. The lovely villas by the rivers are another fantastic idea for a day out in Abbiatergrasso. This picturesque scenery demonstrates the slow-paced lifestyle in Abbiatergrasso, creating the perfect setting for making great local foods like the renowned cheese of Gorgonzola.

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Венеция Верона Trains


Tiny Peaceful Street in Italy


8. Hodmezovasarhely, Мажарстан

Another great example of 10 slow cities in Europe is Hodmezovasarhely. It has a great resource of natural thermal water that runs to the urban open-air bath. This natural wonder attracts travelers from all over the country, және әлем – all wish to soak in the waters and its serenity. Одан басқа, Hodmezovasarhely is home to many great churches, мұражайлар, парктер, and landmarks for those that want to learn about history and cultural heritage.

Дегенмен, if you wish to spend a magical time in nature, then you are in luck because Koros-Maros National Park is close by. You can easily reach it on foot, with a picnic basket for a memorable picnic amidst the blooming chamomile.

Венадан Будапештке дейінгі пойыздар

Прагадан Будапештке дейінгі пойыздар

Мюнхеннен Будапештке дейінгі пойыздар

Грацтан Будапештке дейінгі пойыздар


Chamomile Blooming


9. Top Slow Cities In Europe: Creon, Франция

The slow city Creon in France has an idyllic location, between Dordogne in the north and Garonne in the south. The green scenery and ancient castles make Dordogne one of the most unforgettable places in Europe.

Оның үстіне, travelers will find the surrounding vineyards and hills perfect for toasting to La Vie en Rose. Сонымен, with a little over 4000 residents and plenty of beautiful spots to unwind, Creon is as slow as it gets, and amazing for holidays any time of year.

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Париж поезының Роттердам

Париж поезының Брюссель


Top 10 Slow Cities in Europe


10. Ludinghausen, Германия

Ludinghausen is a three-castle town founded in the 13th ғасыр. Vischering Castle, Kakesbeck castle, and Ludinghausen castle are 3 of the most amazing Германияда құлыптар you should visit on one of the great cycling routes in the area.

In addition to its great history, the village of Seppenrade in Ludinghausen has a magical serene atmosphere. Travelers to this slow city will enjoy wandering the rose garden, the green spaces, and doing great outdoor activities.

Фрайбург поезының Оффенбург

Фрайбург поезының Штутгарт

Лейпциг Фрайбург үшін поездар

Нюрнберг Фрайбург үшін поездар


Cotswolds England countryside River


Мұнда кезінде Пойызды сақтаңыз, we will be happy to help plan a trip to the top 10 Еуропадағы баяу қалалар. Nothing can compare to starting a relaxing holiday like a comfortable train journey to your destination.



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