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Pristine hova, mipata yakasvibira, masango akakora, makomo anofema, uye nzira dzakanakisisa munyika, Alps muEurope, zviri iconic. Mapaki eAlps muEurope angori maawa mashoma kubva kumaguta akabatikana zvikuru. Kunyange zvakadaro, public transportation makes these nature reserves and alpine mountains easy to reach. Here are the best tips for exploring the Alps national parks by train with advice on getting to the Alpine parks.

  • Rail senga ndiyo zvakatipoteredza ushamwari nzira yokufamba. Nyaya iyi yakanyorwa kudzidzisa pamusoro Train Travel uye chakaitwa Chengetedza Chitima, The Akachipa ezvitima Matikiti Webhusaiti Munyika.

The Austrian Alps: Hohe Tauern Park

Stretching across 1,856 sikweya makiromita, Hohe Tauern national park is the largest Alpine-protected Park in the Alps. Lush green valleys, romantic cabins in the forest, gorgeous blooming hills in spring, and white alpine peaks – the alps of Tyrol are absolutely stunning.

Whether you are into hiking, kuchovha, or climbing, the Hohe Tauern alps offer the most scenic views and scenic places. The best thing about traveling to Hohe Tauern alpine park is that it is worth visiting any time of the year. Thanks to the vastness of this alpine park, it is best to dedicate at least a week to exploring nature and the mountains in the area.

The Most Amazing Things To Do In Hohe Taurn

  • Explore the longest glacier in Eastern Europe – Pasterze Glacier
  • Visit Krimml Waterfalls
  • Hike to the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria
  • Look for chamois and ibex climbing up the many peaks

Getting to Hohe Tauern Alpine Park

The best way to travel to the lush green valleys and magnificent peaks of alpine Hohe Tauern is by train. The most central point in the Austrian Alps is Mallnitz city. The train departs seven times a day from Mallnitz train station. saka, travelers to the Austrian Alps can travel from across Austria by OBB trains and enjoy the scenic trip up to the stunning alps.

Hohe Tauern national park is less than 4 hours by train from Salzburg. Traveling to the national park directly from Vienna’s airport is around 6 hours by train and requires changing trains in Salzburg. saka, if there is enough time, Salzburg is wonderful and worth staying the night or three days on the way to Hohe Tauern.

Salzburg kuna Vienna Zvitima

Munich kuna Vienna Zvitima

Graz kuna Vienna Zvitima

Prague kuna Vienna Zvitima


Alps National Parks By Train

MaFrance Alps: Ecrins National Park

Scenic views of lush green valleys, girazi madhamu, and the alpine peaks of Ecrins national park are breathtaking. Located in the heart of the French Alps, Ecrins has something unique to offer to any visitor: vaibvakacha, cycling enthusiasts, mhuri, and the couple on a romantic getaway.

The French alps are famous for Alpe d’Huez, the climbing route in Tour de France. This spectacular range of alpine mountains has more than 100 nenhongonya, streams, uye nzizi dzemvura.

The Most Amazing Things To Do In Ecrins

  • Have a picnic in all seven valleys in Ecrins Park
  • Admire the Grand Pic De La Meije glacier or climb it
  • Look for the ibex goats and the golden eagles
  • Swim in the Ubaye river, surrounded by one of masango akanaka kwazvo muEurope
  • Go kite surfing in Serre-Poncon

Getting To Ecrins

Traveling to the French Alps is very easy. Travelers can reach Ecrins from the airport in Turin, Marseille, and Nice. Whether you are flying in or traveling by train from other European countries, the TGV and TER trains connect to the major cities in the region. The train journey to Ecrins from Marseille is about 6 maawa akawanda. While this sounds like a long journey, the intercity trains are very comfortable, uye Chikurukuru, the views from the train journey are beautiful. Nokudaro, your journey to the wonderful nature of Ecrins begins on the train.

Amsterdam kuParis Zvitima

London kuti Paris Zvitima

ReRotterdam kuti Paris Zvitima

KweBrussels kuna Paris Zvitima


Cycling The Alps

Iyo Swiss Alps: Jungfrau-Aletsch Alpine Park

With the magnificent Great Aletsch Glacier, lush vegetation, and rivers crossing valleys – the Swiss Jungfrau alpine park is one of the best alpine parks in Europe. The Eiger is one of the most picturesque mountain peaks in all of Europe.

The alpine rail is one of the unique things about Jungfrau alpine park. Visitors to Jungfrau can ride the mountain rail and enjoy stunning views of the glacier from 4 amazing vantage points. This special experience adds to the glory of Jungfrau, in addition to the beautiful forest, nzira, and landscape – attracting hundreds of nature lovers in spring and summer.

Getting To Jungfrau Alpine Park

Jungfrau is a train journey away from Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen. The trip from Interlaken to Grindelwald station is 30 minutes and 2.5 hours from Zurich. The trip by car is about the same, but the train is eco-friendly and allows you to enjoy the incredible views.

The Best Things To Do In The Swiss Alps

  • Visit the picturesque Lauterbrunnen Valley
  • Discover the views of the Bernese Alps from the top of Harder Kulm
  • Dare to go on a 10-minute funicular zips’ ride
  • Hike the 2.2 km Mürren Via Ferrata
  • Hike to Matterhorn, mumwe we makomo anoyevedza kwazvo muEurope

Interlaken kuna Zurich Zvitima

Lucerne kuna Zurich Zvitima

Bern kuna Zurich Zvitima

Geneva kuna Zurich Zvitima


The Italian Alps: Belluno Dolomites National Park

Known as the national Dolomites Park, Belluno Dolomiti is one of the most beautiful nature reserves. The alpine peaks attract many hikers and climbers dreaming of reaching the top to admire the most scenic views in the world.

In addition to the magnificent mountains, the Italian alps are home to spectacular waterfalls, springs, uye mafuro. The vast park offers excellent hiking trails, ranging from light to challenging trails, Paternkofel trail, and Tre Cime Di Laveredo Capanna trail is just 2 of the wonderful trails.

Getting To The Dolomites

While there are flights into Bolzano, the nearest city to the Dolomites, taking the train to Bolzano is better. Travelers to the Italian Alps can take a train from Milan Bergamo via Venice and reach the Dolomites by train in a little over 7 maawa. An alternative to flying into Bergamo is flying into Venice and then taking the train or taxi, and in less than an hour, you will find yourself in the Italian alps.

The Best Things To Do In The Italian Alps

  • Hike the Italian Via Ferrata
  • Stay the night in a Refugio, or hut, most often located on a hiking trail, in a secluded spot. The stay allows you to break a very long and challenging hike, in addition to experiencing the glory of the mountains and nature in a more laid-back and magical atmosphere.
  • Admire the Enrosadira, when the peaks of the mountains are colored in pink shades at sunrise and sunset.
  • Hike hut to hut

Milan kuRoma Zvitima

Florence kuRoma Zvitima

Venice kuenda kuRoma Zvitima

Naples kuRoma Zvitima


Rock Climbing In Alps

The German Alps: Berchtesgaden National Park

The oldest alpine park in Europe and the only alpine park in Germany, Berchtesgaden national park is home to more than 700 species of birds and animals. The German alps border the Austrian alps, which are famous for pristine streams, mipata yakasvibira, masango, breathtaking mountain peaks, and idyllic nature.

Uyezve, covering 210 sq km, the German alps Berchtesgaden offers fantastic hiking trails. Pamusoro pe, the cable car takes travelers to the highest and most outstanding peak Jenner Mountain at 1,874 mamita.

Amazing Things To Do In The German Alps

  • Enjoy a boat ride on Lake Königssee
  • Discover the Bavarian culture, chili, and traditions
  • Hike to Lake Obersee through the lush green valley
  • Hike to Röthbach Falls and admire the mirror reflection in the lakes on the way

Getting To Berchtesgaden National Park

Visitors can fly into Salzburg airport, zvinova 30 km away from Berchtesgaden. Then take a train or bus, or rent a car and travel to the Berchtesgaden alps. The best way, which is also eco-friendly, is to travel by train. There are train services from Munich and Salzburg, but the trains are not direct and require changing in Freilassing.

Whether you travel by train or bus, Berchtesgaden is less than 3 hours from Munich. saka, the beauty of the alpine landscape is accessible from the busy urban centerperfect for a weekend getaway. zvisinei, if you have time, dedicate at least a week to exploring the unforgettable Alps National Parks by train.

Düsseldorf kuna Munich Zvitima

KuDresden kuna Munich Zvitima

MuNuremberg kuna Munich Zvitima

Bonn kuna Munich Zvitima


Mountain Lake In The Alps


Rwendo Rwakanaka runotanga nekutsvaga akanakisa matikiti echitima. pano pa Chengetedza Chitima, we will be happy to help you plan a wonderful train journey to the Alps national parks by train.



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