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Apart from choosing the dress, or suit, planning a wedding is a challenge for any couple. From the guest list to the theme, there are so many details that make the day a dream come true. However, the wedding destination is one of the top things to decide on. These 10 amazing wedding destinations in Europe offer the top wedding venues for the most magical wedding day.

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1. Amazing Wedding Destinations: A Wedding In Paris

The Parisian rooftops, chateaux, and sophisticated charm create the most magical atmosphere for a wedding. Hence, the French capital is a popular couples’ trip destination and a top wedding destination. Further, you can easily move from serving foie gras in your reception to sipping champagne with the views of the Eiffel Tower on the honeymoon.

While Paris is an amazing wedding location, you should consider that Paris is also one of the more expensive wedding destinations in Europe. Thus, a wedding in Paris is an amazing choice for couples that want to splurge on their wedding and guests.

5 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Paris:

The Penisula

Chateau d’Esclimont

Chapelle Expiatoire

Pavillion de Musique Barry

Maison Blanche


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Amazing Wedding In Paris


2. Tuscany

Making your first steps as a married couple under the grapevines is a wonderful way to begin a marriage. The rolling hills of Tuscany, handmade pasta, and red wine, are only a few reasons to fall in love in Italy. In other words, Tuscany is an unforgettable destination to celebrate your love with close friends and family.

Regardless of the venue you choose, spring is the best time for a wedding in Tuscany. The reasons are; the weather is nice and comfortable for indoor or outdoor events, and it is tourists free. Therefore, if you have already decided to get married in Tuscany, all you need to do is choose the wedding venue.  From luxurious villas in the picturesque Val d’Orcia to charming countryside farmhouses, there are many wedding venues for any concept and budget.

5 Romantic Wedding Locations In Tuscany:

Castiglion del Bosco 

Borgo Santo Pietro

Villa Vignamaggio

Casa Cornacchi

Terre di Nano


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An Amazing Wedding In Tuscany


3. Amazing Wedding Destinations: Edinburgh

Well-preserved ancient buildings, rich history, and captivating architecture, Edinburgh is the most fabulous wedding destination in the UK. Further, the old libraries, reception halls, and medieval castles, amidst the green forests and trees, are magnificent wedding venues.

Truth be told, Edinburgh is a fun and lively city, perhaps the liveliest place in Scotland, providing the best atmosphere for the happiest occasion. In addition, Edinburgh is perhaps the only destination in Europe where you will find castles, farmhouses, and exclusive hotels for your amazing wedding.

5 Unique Wedding Venues In Edinburgh:

The Old Dr Bells Baths

Edinburgh Castle

Doubletree by Hilton

The Royal College of Physicians

Mansfield Traquair


Unique Wedding Venues In Edinburgh


4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

With beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains, Lake Bled is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in Europe. Moreover, the most special feature of Lake Bled is the small island in its center and the magnificent church. The island church is a gorgeous venue for an intimate civil and church wedding, with boat access from the mainland.

In addition to the charming setting, Lake Bled is a wonderful place for a honeymoon. This way, straight from the reception and party in one of the luxurious hotels, you could retire to your very own cabin on the water or honeymoon suite. Moreover, Lake Bled offers many romantic picnic spots, hiking trails, and water sports activities for lifetime memories.

5 Amazing Venues In Lake Bled:

Grand Hotel Toplice

Bled Island Church

Vila Bled

Bled Lake shores

Bled Lake Castle



5. Amazing Wedding Destinations: Lake Como

Striking Italian gardens ending in the waters, romantic terraces with lake views, Lake Como is an incredible love destination in Europe. Thus, Lake Como offers the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony and incredible wedding photos.

In addition to the exquisite design and style of the wedding venues in Lake Como, the Italian villas by the lake are ideal for bridal and groom parties. Each of the venues in Lake Como has direct boat access. Therefore, the happy couple can plan unforgettable bachelor and bachelorette parties if they are planning a summer wedding in Lake Como. Bottom line, Lake Como is a wonderful wedding location, where the “dolce vita” truly begins with a happy couple tying the knot.

5 Romantic Venues In Lake Como:

Villa Erba

Tenuta La Madonnina di Barni

Villa D’Este

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Villa Balbiano


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Lake Como view with a couple before marriage


6. Fairytale Wedding In Ireland

If you have always dreamed of marrying your prince charming, then an Ireland wedding is where your dreams come true. Castles, and extravagant gardens in the scenic mountains of Ireland, have hosted many romantic weddings. Even more, the magnificent castles are part of the rich Gaelic history in Ireland and have transformed from ancient fortifications, and symbols to power, into spectacular wedding venues.

Consequently, castles are a great wedding venue, not only thanks to their setting and romantic atmosphere but also thanks to their size. Thus, many castles and mansions in Ireland can accommodate the whole guests’ lists for a wedding weekend. However, if you fancy a more intimate wedding party, then the charming villages and mansions in Ireland, will be happy to host your dream wedding.

5 Amazing Wedding Venues In Ireland:

Ballymagarvey Village

Ashford Castle

Belle Isle Castle

Clanwilliam House, Co. Wicklow

Drumhalla House, Co. Donegal


Fairytale Wedding In Ireland


7. Amazing Wedding Destinations: Berlin

Young, funky, trendy, and unusual, Berlin is a terrific wedding destination for young and bold couples. While most couples choose a more romantically classic destination for their big day, like Paris or Lake Como, Berlin is an unusual destination for weddings. Famous for its bars, night scene, and fantastic nightlife, Berlin has much more to offer in the wedding scene, than being only a great bachelor and bachelorette destination.

For Instance, Berlin is rich in history, and most of its major historical buildings are well preserved, offering lovely classic venues for an intimate wedding. On the other hand, other venues offer great city views and are great outdoor wedding venues, perfect for a summer wedding. So, in spite of being the capital of funk, Berlin is a wonderful wedding destination in Europe, for rock star couples, with a touch of glam.

Best Wedding Venues In Berlin:

Hotel de Rome


A-Rosa Scharmutzelsee

2C Spreequartier


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Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Bride Photoshoot In Berlin


8. Amsterdam

With charming bridges, flowers everywhere, and idyllic views from every angle, Amsterdam is an amazing wedding destination. The Dutch capital is friendly, easy-going, and colorful city. Moreover, Amsterdam is an LGBT-friendly city and welcomes all couples that wish to declare their love to the world.

In addition, in case you are planning a wedding on a budget, weddings are free on Tuesdays. So, pack your best friends, and parents, for an intimate and memorable wedding in one of the 10 amazing wedding destinations in Europe.

Top 5 Wedding Venues In Amsterdam:


Hortus Botanicus


Restaurant de Kas

Pont 13


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London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains


LGBT Wedding In Amsterdam


9. Amazing Wedding Destinations: Bavaria, Germany

The rustic landscape, mountain views, and Bavarian natural beauty create the most idyllic setting for an intimate wedding ceremony. In addition, Bavaria is one of the most beautiful and largest regions in Germany. Thus, you will have complete privacy to enjoy your day in the great Bavarian outdoor.

Moreover, Bavaria is one of the most scenic spots in Germany, from the winter to summer. This way, you could have a winter wedding in the snowy white wonderland, or welcome spring in the blooming mountains around. Either way, your wedding photos, and event will be outstandingly special.

3 Amazing Wedding Locations In Bavaria:

5* Steigenberger Hotel Sonnenhof


Gauklerhof Allgau


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Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains


Amazing Wedding Locations In Bavaria


10. Amazing Wedding Destinations In Europe: The Austrian Alps

Every traveler to the Austrian Alps falls in love with the mountains from first glance, so why not get married in this stunning location. Like an image straight from a bridal magazine, your wedding pics in the serene alpine mountains, or pristine lakes, the Austrian Alps are an unforgettable wedding location.

Between a winter ski wedding, to a spring wedding, there are many wedding venues to choose from. For instance, you can plan an outdoor ceremony on a cliff, with mountain views, or in a charming chalet with a few of your close friends over a weekend getaway in the Alps. The bottom line, from serving Schnitzel at reception, to dancing under a sky full of stars, a wedding in the Alps is a fairytale marriage in the making.

3 Wonderful Wedding Venues In the Austrian Alps:

Rossl Alm Chalet

Kufstein Fortress

The Maierl Alm and Chalets


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Salzburg to Innsbruck Trains

Oberstdorf to Innsbruck Trains

Graz to Innsbruck Trains

The Austrian Alps Wedding


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