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From Europe’s castles and ancient old towns to exciting Hong Kong, these 7 love destinations worldwide will make your love soar. These 7 love destinations are the perfect setting for a wonderful chapter in your love story, and to rekindle the magic.


1. Most Romantic Love Destination Worldwide: Paris

If you look for synonyms in the dictionary for “love”, you will find Paris spelled out in big letters. Its inexplicable charm, beauty at night, patisserie, and many spots for romantic pics, make Paris one of the 7 love destinations worldwide.

Strolling through the beautiful La Marais neighborhood, listening to street music, or having a picnic in the most beautiful spots, Paris is the epitome of romance. Yes, it might not come as a surprise that Paris is the top honeymoon destination in Europe, and you might think that all its romantic spots will be fully booked. However, this lovely city is full of spots, where you can scream your love, or have a tourist-free snap. Paris is undoubtedly the ultimate love city, for all couples, in all colors of the rainbow.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Paris

Wander around Musee Carnavalet, kiss at Canal Saint-Martin, and enjoy a romantic picnic at the iconic Champs de Mars space.

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A wedding in paris is the most romantic love destination on the planet

2. The Best Love Destination In Italy: Venice

While Venice is one of the most touristic cities in Europe, you will find many hidden spots, where to share a gelato or pizza. The city’s bridges will take you and your beloved to the off-the-beaten-path corners, alleys, and local restaurants, where you could devour on Italian cuisine, and toast to love with Italian wine or Aperol.

The perfect romantic day in Venice will begin with exploring the many bridges. Then, you could devour a pizza for 2 and gelato. It is recommended to leave the visit to the 2 charming islands Burano and Murano, for the second half of the day, after the crowds of tourists leave. This way, you will have the islands all to yourselves, for romantic pics.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Venice

Wander around the Dorsoduro, local neighborhood, or dine at Cantina Do Spade, where Casanova used to take dinner. Then, you could have a romantic lunch on the breathtaking Burano island, and enjoy a gondola ride at sundown. You could begin your romantic vacation with a romantic train journey from London or Switzerland to Venice.

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Romantic Love Gondola ride in Venice


3. Love Destinations In Europe: Lake Como

The sun is setting on the alps, reflecting in the lake, and you are strolling with your beloved Along La Passegiata degli innamorati, the trail of lovers in Varenna. Surely you will agree that this makes Lake Como an unforgettable love destination for a romantic getaway for 2.

In addition to the charming town of Varenna, Bellagio, and Vezio offer spectacular views of Lake Como and plenty of romantic spots.

Most Romantic Things To Do In Lake Como

Enjoy a super romantic walk in the Lari mountains all the way for a magical picnic in Monte Crocione. If you are an adrenaline-loving couple, then a seaplane flight above the lake will wake up those butterflies!

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A couple sitting by lake Como lake


4. Love Destinations In China: Hong Kong

Modern, thrilling, and fascinating, Hong Kong is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The city’s skyscrapers, and islands, offer amazing views spots for pics that will capture your love. Hong Kong is gorgeous at daylight and night lights, sunset and sunrise, offering many romantic activities, for a relaxing vacation for two, or an epic adventure, placing it in the top 7 love destinations worldwide.

Most Romantic Things Do In Hong Kong

The perfect romantic day will begin with a cruise around Victoria Harbor, or picnic in Repulse Bay sandy beaches. In the afternoon, you can take a private cooking class, and finish with raising your glasses to love at sunset.



5. Love Destination Worldwide: Austria

Austria, the land of castles, marvelous gardens, and enchanting towns, is a popular love destination in Europe. If you want to escape the crowds, then Halstatt is the perfect destination, in addition to other wonderful day trips from Vienna.

Amazing nature reserves like the Innsbrucker offer the most scenic views of the Austrian mountains and valley, for a romantic hike. In addition, the charming ancient towns that are the perfect location for happily-ever-after legendary love stories. However, if you prefer a more urban getaway, then Vienna is absolutely perfect for a romantic weekend. Moreover, Vienna is one of the most LGBT-friendly destinations worldwide, so it welcomes all couples, in any relationship status, and just waiting for you and your significant other.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Austria

A romantic day in Austria will begin with an Austrian strudel for breakfast in a local cafe. Then, head out for a stroll in an Austrian garden or castle. In addition, if you are a sporty couple then a hike in the Austrian alps, will be ideal.

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A couple sitting in a valley in austria watching the mountains


6. Love Destinations Worldwide: Prague

Petit and charming, Prague is terribly romantic and rightfully holds a place on our 7 best love destinations in the world. Yes, it is crowded with tourists, but there are plenty of viewpoints and green parks, to avoid the crowds of travelers, and still enjoy the best of old Prague.

Cute little bars, magnificent bridges, and the Mala Strana neighborhood are the perfect setting for romance. While Prague is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, there are quite a lot of hidden spots; charming Mala Strana neighborhood, and park with city views, Palacky Bridge, are only a few of the hidden romantic.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Prague

A stroll in Mala Strana, beer by the Vltava river, dinner with city views, and cocktails in Hemingway bar.

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A couple strolling and holding hands on the streets of Prague


7.  Love Destinations Worldwide: The Lake District In England

When a place inspired William Woodsworth’s romantic poetry, then it is a top love destination. Indeed, you will see that the Lake land in West England is extremely romantic. Thanks to 6 nature reserves of English countryside and landscape, and 16 breathtaking lakes.

Located in the Cumbria region, the land of lakes is one of the most beautiful regions in England. Therefore, hiking down the hills, to the lakes and tarns, is one of the most romantic things to do in the world. You will feel like you are stepping into a magical Jane Austen novel, where love defies all obstacles. 

The Most Romantic Places In Cumbria

Keswick’s Lake, for a wonderful hike down to a picnic by the lake. In addition, Helvellyn peak, and the waterfall are totally dreamy places for two.

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England love destination


These 7 love destinations are awesome places to spice up your relationship. Here at Save A Train, we will be happy to help you plan your romantic getaway to these dreamy and exciting love destinations.



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