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Дүйнөнү кыдыруу көп учурда ишке ашпай турган кыял, Айрыкча, сиз бекем бюджет жөнүндө болгондо. Бирок биз сизге экзотикалык жерлерди изилдөөнүн жолу бар экенин айтсакчы?, жергиликтүү маданиятка аралашыңыз, and create unforgettable memories without draining your bank account? Enter the world of affordable travel through volunteer programs worldwide. This comprehensive guide will delve deeper into how volunteering can be your ticket to exciting adventures on a shoestring budget.

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The Rise of Volunteering Travel

Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of young and бюджетке көз чаптырган саякатчылар who have harnessed the power of volunteering to fuel their wanderlust. What was once a well-kept secret among seasoned travelers has now become a global trend, thanks to the internet and dedicated platforms that connect volunteers with hosts worldwide.

Once you have chosen the right platform, it is time to create your profile, highlight your skills and interests, and start connecting with potential hosts. эстөө, patience is key, especially when it comes to securing coveted positions in popular projects. We have narrowed down some of the top choices of volunteer programs worldwide for you:


1. Иштөө

Workaway is a unique global platform connecting travelers with hosts worldwide. It enables travelers, деп аталган “Workawayersto exchange their skills and enthusiasm for accommodation and authentic cultural experiences. Workaway offers diverse opportunities, from farming and teaching to assisting in hostels or contributing to artistic projects. Operating in over 170 өлкөлөр, it spans diverse locations, from cities to remote villages.

To become a volunteer, you need to register (it costs about $20 per year), fill out a profile, find a suitable project, and be liked by the host. A profile on Workaway is something in between a social media page and a resume. On one hand, you need to present yourself as a pleasant and interesting personality (some hosts invite volunteers not so much for the work but for the fun and cultural exchange). Башка жагынан, you should clearly list what you are good at: taking care of children, language teaching, тамак бышыруу, gardening, animal care, construction, home repairs, жана башка. If the choice is between a professional and an amateur, the host will prefer the professional, no matter how interesting and charismatic the amateur may be – be sure to emphasize your professional skills. It is even better if it is something practical.

Берлин Берлин Поезда из

Роттердам Берлин Поезда из

Копенгаген Берлин Поезда из

Гамбург Берлин Поезда из



2. HelpStay

HelpStay is a platform similar to Workaway, designed for travelers seeking cultural exchange and affordable travel experiences. It connects travelers in over 100 countries for volunteer programs worldwide. Most volunteer opportunities are free. Some may require a small donation. Almost all of them offer free accommodation and meals. You can inquire about the details from the hosts.

On HelpStay, travelers can find a wide range of opportunities, such as volunteering on organic farms, helping with eco projects and community service, or becoming a helper for some kind of NGO project. With our previous article, you can learn how to reach any destination in Europe for your future volunteer project easily.

Венадан Будапештке чейин поезддер

Прагадан Будапештке поезддер

Мюнхен Будапешт поезддери

Грацдан Будапештке чейин поезддер


Ecological Volunteering


3. Festival Volunteering with Stoke Travel

Festival Volunteering with Stoke Travel is an exciting and unique way to experience some of the world’s most renowned music and cultural festivals while actively participating in their organization. Stoke Travel, a well-known travel company, offers opportunities for travelers to become festival volunteers at various events.

As a festival volunteer with Stoke Travel, you typically get free or heavily discounted access to the festival, including camping or accommodation. In exchange for your help, you might be involved in tasks like setting up and dismantling festival infrastructure, assisting with event logistics, or even promoting Stoke Travel’s services to other visitors. The number of festivals may change from year to year, Бирок, many of them are the most popular in Europe. Мисалы, Мюнхенде Oktoberfest, La Tomatina in Bunol, Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Испания, жана башка.

Interlaken Zurich Поезда из

Беде Zurich Поезда из

Андижан Поезда из Берн

Geneva Zurich Поезда из


4. European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is more serious than other volunteer programs worldwide. ESC offers opportunities for people aged 18-30 to engage in volunteering and solidarity activities, backed by the European Union. Launched in 2018, the ESC offers a platform for young Europeans to contribute to society, gain valuable experiences, develop skills, and foster a sense of European citizenship. The average length of the program is 6-12 ай. The program covers almost all expenses, including visas, камсыздандыруу, жана 90% of the ticket costs. In addition to accommodation and meals, volunteers also receive pocket money.

Only accredited organizations launch the projects. Volunteers are provided with aworkplace.They are required to work approximately 30 hours per week. It contributes to the personal and professional development of participants while addressing societal challenges through voluntary and solidarity actions. The initiative is part of the European Union’s broader efforts to support youth engagement and social cohesion.

Амстердам Лондон Trains

Париж Лондон үчүн

Берлин Лондон үчүн

Лондон Брюссел


Volunteering - Passion Led Us Here


5. UN Volunteers

If you wish to expand your volunteer experiences or no longer qualify for an ESC program, which has a one-time participation limit, you may consider becoming a UN volunteer. UN Volunteers (United Nations Volunteers) is a program and initiative established by the United Nations to promote volunteerism and provide individuals with opportunities to contribute their skills, expertise, and time to support various United Nations initiatives and development projects around the world. UN Volunteers play a crucial role in advancing the organization’s mission of peace, өнүгүү, and humanitarian assistance. Key aspects of UN Volunteers камтыйт:

Diverse Assignments: UN Volunteers are involved in a wide range of assignments. It includes peacekeeping operations, disaster relief efforts, community development projects, healthcare initiatives, education programs, жана.

Skilled Professionals: UN Volunteers are typically experienced professionals from various fields such as health, билим берүү, engineering, IT, agriculture, and social work. They offer their expertise to help address global challenges.

Global Presence: UN Volunteers work in numerous countries, both in conflict and post-conflict zones and in development contexts. They contribute to building resilient communities and fostering sustainable development.

Multinational and Inclusive: UN Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. They create a rich and inclusive network of individuals committed to making a positive impact through volunteer programs worldwide.

Амстердам Поезда Брюссел

Лондон Амстердам Поезда из

Амстердам Поезда из Берлин

Париж Амстердам Поезда из


UN Volunteer Programs Worldwide


Ending our journey, we hope to inspire you to embark on an affordable adventure through volunteer programs worldwide. эстөө, the vast world holds wonders. With determination and the right mindset, explore without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to teach English in Thailand, conserve wildlife in Costa Rica, or assist refugees in Greece, there is a volunteer opportunity waiting for you. ушундай, Сиздин баштыктарды буюмдарын, open your heart, and set out on a journey that will not only change your life but also make the world a better place, one volunteering experience at a time.


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