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Cov neeg taug kev tuaj yeem xav tias cov npe ntawm cov khoom uas txwv tsis pub nqa lub tsheb ciav hlau siv rau txhua lub tuam txhab tsheb ciav hlau thoob ntiaj teb. Txawm li cas los, tsis yog li ntawd, and a few items are allowed to be brought on a train in one country but forbidden in another. nonetheless, it would help if you did not worry about packing your luggage too much, mind that you can stow the bag in the rack above your head, between the seats, or in a designated area next to the entrance.

The trains in Europe are some of the bests in the world, with facilities on board that offer a fantastic journey experience. Taking the train is sometimes better than flying since it can save time and money. Txawm li cas los, like airports, there is a list of restricted items to bring on trains.

  • Rail Thauj Yog Tus Eco-phooj ywg Way Mus ncig teb chaws. Qhov tsab xov xwm no sau ntawv mus rau kev kawm rau txog tsheb ciav hlau Mus ncig teb chaws los ntawm Txuag A tsheb ciav hlau, Cov Cov Vev Xaib pheej Yig Tshaj Hauv Ntiaj Teb.


Please, look at the complete list of items passengers are not allowed on trains:

  • All types of weapons: daggers, knives, explosives, and unlicensed firearms.
  • Alcohol
  • Gas canisters and other inflammable substances.
  • Flying items (such as helium balloons) or long objects for fear of wire contact, electric shortage, and the risk of electric shock.
  • Radioactive substances.
  • Trunks and luggage exceeding 100 cm.

This short list of items is similar to the one of airports. While the list is the same, traveling by train rather than flying saves you substantial time since there is no need to go through security control at the train station. Ntxiv mus, there is no need to check in or arrive at the train station 3 hours before departure time. These factors make a huge difference in the traveling experience in Europe. Hauv qab kab, traveling by train in Europe is one of the most remarkable ways to explore the continent and landscape.

Zaub pob los Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

London rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau


What Items Are Not Allowed to board with On a Train


Cov FAQ: Yam khoom twg tsis tso cai rau hauv tsheb ciav hlau

Is Smoking Allowed On Trains?

The railway companiestop priority is the passengerssafety as well as to provide the best travel experience. In this way, smoking on trains is prohibited so all passengers can enjoy a smoke-free journey. Smokers must take this policy into consideration when traveling far and there is a long train journey ahead.

A possible solution to this issue is planning a multi-city train trip. Piv txwv li, breaking the journey into a couple of days is ideal if you have a sufficient amount of time. Another essential thing to note is that smoking is allowed only in designated places on train stations, or platforms, like in Swiss train stations.

Zaub pob los Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Antwerp rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau


Are Vehicles Allowed On Trains?

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trains. Passengers may bring folding bicycles and scooters as hand luggage. As long as you can stow the bags away, light means of transportation are allowed on trains without additional fee.

Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, passengers can bring sports gear on trains, like ski equipment. Yog li, you can travel straight from the airport without changing trains and have a fantastic ski vacation. Tsis tas li ntawd, for items that do not fold, like surfing boards, it is best to consult directly with the rail company.

Amsterdam Mus London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau London Cov tsheb ciav hlau

Zaub pob los London Cov tsheb ciav hlau



Are Pets Allowed On Trains?

To keep nuisance to a minimum, passengers may travel with their pets under some restrictions. Domestic animals like dogs, miv, and ferrets are allowed on trains. Passengers can bring their pets on trains without purchasing a ticket for an additional cost unless the petsweight exceeds 10 kg. Nyob rau hauv cov ntaub ntawv no, passengers should purchase a train ticket and bring the pet as hand luggage. Ntxiv mus, dogs are allowed on trains if they are on a leash and can sit on the passenger’s lap. Piv txwv li, on the Austrian Federal Railway OBB, you can bring your dog free of charge.

Txawm li cas los, passengers can travel with large dogs on Italian Xub liab, Frecciaargento, and Frecciabiana trains for additional fare, in first and second class only, but not in executive. Ntxiv mus, on international routes in France, dogs are allowed on trains. Txawm li cas los, the passenger needs to purchase a train ticket for them. Yog li, packing a treat is one of the essential tips for traveling on trains with pets.

Salzburg rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Munich rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Graz rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Prague rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau


Traveling With Pets on Trains is allowed in many cases


Are There Luggage Restrictions On Trains?

The best thing about traveling by train is no restrictions on luggage. Contrary to flights and airports, there is no luggage control on trains. Yog li ntawd, you can bring as many as four bags as long as you properly stow luggage to keep the safety of all passengers. Txawm li cas los, to enjoy the most of your holiday in Europe, prepare your hand luggage wisely so that you can enjoy your journey.

Frankfurt rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Leipzig rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hanover rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hamburg rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau


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