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Planning the bachelorette or bachelor party is definitely the best part of being the best man or maid of honor. What can be more fun than getting all the gang together for a wicked adventure in Europe? Especially before the lucky ones in the group settle down.

Europe is a great destination for party getaways. We have hand-picked 7 of the best bachelor and bachelorette trips in Europe. From luxurious spa-themed trips to all-night party and bar hopping. So, you are bound to create the most mind-blowing trip for the bride and groom-to-be.

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1. Hedonistic Budget-Friendly Bachelor/Bachelorette In Berlin

With a great bar scene, Berlin is an awesome destination for a fun and exciting bachelor and bachelorette trip in Europe.

Berlin is known for its crazy parties and Oktoberfest and is perfect for a weekend getaway. You could start the party by getting some cool pics of the gang at the famous East Side Gallery. Then, continue to a personalized bars tour or get adventurous and go bar hopping. Furthermore, Berlin is home to some great spas, where you could sweat out all the hangover after a night of clubbing.

Frankfurt to Berlin by Train

Copenhagen to Berlin by Train

Hanover to Berlin by Train

Hamburg to Berlin by Train


Hedonistic Budget-Friendly Bachelor/Bachelorette In Berlin


2. Bachelorette/Bachelor Trip To Amsterdam

Notorious and alluring, Amsterdam is Europe’s both sin city and a little paradise. If you are planning a spring bachelorette trip to Europe, then Amsterdam is the loveliest. Blossoming canals, colorful homes and cute cafes, biking trails, and of course a flower festival in May. All of these wonders will make the bride-to-be feel in seventh heaven.

However, if you are interested in a crazy weekend to celebrate the last moments of freedom, then Amsterdam is perfect for a wild bachelor party. Start at the Muse Du Sexe to the red lights district, and finish with a drink and striptease dinner. Thus, a bachelor’s trip to Amsterdam will undoubtedly be an unforgettable trip.

Bremen to Amsterdam by Train

Hannover to Amsterdam by Train

Bielefeld to Amsterdam by Train

Hamburg to Amsterdam by Train

Girls taking picture with Tulips in Amsterdam with their back to the camera


3. Bachelorette/Bachelor Trip To Prague

The ladies will definitely appreciate Prague’s beautiful city views, architecture, and art. In addition, Prague is known for its top-notch beer gardens and cocktail bars. This means that Prague’s bars are in the best locations and serve the most delicious and crafty drinks in Europe, for example, Hemingway cocktail bar. After a few drinks if you want a truly wild night, head to discover Prague’s world-renowned nightlife scene. To cure that morning hangover, check out the best coffee place in Prague, Mok Cafe. Their specialty is rich coffee drinks and delicious food.

However, if you don’t want to lose your mind in a night of booze, then head outside of the city center. Prague is home to many thermals and spas where you can get a pamper yourselves after visiting an enchanted castle. This will surely make the bride-to-be feel like a princess in a fairy tale. Another great thing the men will absolutely love is going river rafting.

Nuremberg to Prague by Train

Munich to Prague by Train

Berlin to Prague by Train

Vienna to Prague by Train


Trip To Prague and Salut with drinks at a bar


4. Trip To Budapest

Stunning architecture and the Danube river running across, make Budapest a marvelous destination for bachelorette and bachelor trips.

Drinks and party cruise down the Danube river, crossing the city with views of the spectacular architecture, is ideal for a bachelorette and bachelor party. Another great option is a relaxing weekend in a luxurious spa with the girls. Budapest is a great city for food tours, where you can try national wine from Eger and Somlo and taste the traditional Hungarian dishes in a feast to celebrate the last single life.

Faust Wine Cellar is one of the oldest cellars in Europe and where you can enjoy the finest wines and taste mouthwatering beef and other delicacies.

Vienna to Budapest by Train

Prague to Budapest by Train

Munich to Budapest by Train

Graz to Budapest by Train



5. Bachelor/Bachelorette Trip To Tirol

For the most adventurous and adrenaline-boosting bachelor trip to Europe, the Tirol region in Austria is the best destination. You will feel that you are going back to your origins. Sitting around the campfire, outside of your wooden cabin for a barbeque and drinks. If the gang is up for an adventure of rock climbing, rafting, and many more outdoor activities, then Area47, is a stupendous choice for an all-guys weekend and the grand party.

Tirol is also perfect for a bachelorette trip, especially if you are sportive and want to experience nature in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The grand views and fresh air are perfect for bonding and creating memorable moments in the forests and waterfalls of Tirol.

Munich to Innsbruck by Train

Salzburg to Innsbruck by Train

Oberstdorf to Innsbruck by Train

Graz to Innsbruck by Train


Trip To Tirol and do nature rafting


6. The Swiss Alps

The breathtaking views, mountains, valleys, and waterfalls in the Swiss Alps are a perfect setting for a dreamy bachelorette trip in Europe. The Swiss Alps are both paradise and Disneyland for the adventurous gang. For example, if your group loves outdoor activities, then you can go skiing if it’s winter. Or, on the other hand, if it’s a spring or summer trip, then, trekking, or chilling in a charming village are only a few of the things to do in this phenomenal location.

While a bachelor and bachelorette trip to the Swiss Alps might be pricier than a weekend getaway to Berlin or Prague, it could also be where you create memories that last a lifetime and that are priceless.

Basel to Interlaken by Trains

Geneva to Zermatt by Trains

Bern to Zermatt by Trains

Lucerne to Zermatt by Trains


The Swiss Alps Outdoor hot bath


7. Bachelor/Bachelorette Trip To Aquitaine, France

A bachelorette and bachelor trip is a great opportunity to go on an adventure, try something new and break the hectic routine. Why not do it in style and go all the way and splurge on pampering? Glamping is an amazing option for a mind-blowing bachelor and bachelorette trip. The French countryside is an awesome location for camping in luxurious Mongolian styled yurts on breathtaking French farmland with your best friends.

An outdoor pool, fruit, breakfast in bed, campfire, and biking around the beautiful mountains is all about back-to-nature carefree a bachelorette trip everyone will remember. Bachelorette and bachelor trips are some of the most beautiful periods in everyone’s life. Thus, it should be celebrated in the most beautiful places in the world and Europe is perfect for dreamy or wild bachelor and bachelorette trips.

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Paris to Bordeaux by Train

Lyon to Bordeaux by Train

Marseilles to Bordeaux by Train


Bachelor/Bachelorette Trip To Aquitaine, France


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