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Take the train to the perfect destination for city breaks or shopping, the most amazing capitals in Europe have it all. Flea markets are where retro and modern, present and history, come together, where great things appear, and our 7 best flea markets in Europe are the perfect example.

If you are passionate about shopping, and especially for vintage collectibles, then these 7 best flea markets in Europe will be a dream come true. Simply follow our ultimate flea markets in Europe guide, and grab a big suitcase!


1. Munich Flea Market

If you are heading to Bavaria for the European holidays in spring, and looking for some fresh vintage treasures, then you’ll love Munich’s giant flea market. This awesome flea market marks the spring festival and is held once a year.

There will be over 2000 vendors, with amazing vintage it’s, like a Louis Vuitton bag at funny prices. Therefore, you should probably clear that Saturday for the Riesen-Flohmarkt Theresienwiese flea market in Munich. In addition, come with a clear shopping list, and be there early as you can. Doors open at 4 am, and you won’t be the only early bird!

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Books offering at Munich Flea Market


2. Vrijmarkt Amsterdam

In case you didn’t know, Amsterdam is a city with a rich trade history. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the best flea markets in Europe is in Amsterdam. Once a year, the picturesque streets in Amsterdam, turn into an open-air market, where you can shop and soak up the amazing atmosphere in one of the greatest cities in Europe.

Once a year, as a celebration on King’s Day, the canals and alleys of Amsterdam transform into a huge flea market. Chic vintage, art, gadgets, and other second-hand treasures will be waiting for you at this awesome flea market.

When?  6 am to 8 pm on April 27th.

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Vrijmarkt Amsterdam Netherlands


3. The Grande Braderie De Lille

The largest and most famous flea market in France, the Grande Braderie de Lille flea market will be hosting 10,000 vendors.

The Lille flea market is the biggest event of the year and takes place on the first weekend of September. If you are into vintage, and retro items, then you’d better book a ticket to Lille for September 4th– 5th, for a vintage extravaganza.

It is said, that it will take you close to 40 hours just to walk through all the stands, and that’s without stopping and shopping.

A few helpful phrases to keep & learn:

“Quel est votre meilleur prix?” – What is your best price?

“Coupons la poire en Deux” – Let’s meet each other in the middle/strike a bargain

“Marche conclu!” – Deal!

How to get there? Take an hour  TGV train trip from Paris.

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4. Portobello Road Market In London

The best flea market in England happens every day in Portobello market in London. Fashion, antiques, food, and second-hand treasures will be waiting for you every day of the week, but be prepared for a boost of energy and color on Saturday.

So, after a day of antique shopping, you can grab delicious veggies, cheese, and other treats for a quick lunch before continuing on your vintage quest at the fashion market at Westway. Visiting Portobello Road market is one of the best things to do in London, and you should dedicate a full day to this flea market and London landmark.

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Vinyl records at Portobello Road Flea Market In London


5. Paris Flea Market

When we think of Paris, we immediately picture the atmosphere. Special, mysterious, ancient, royal all come to mind with Paris, and to her amazing flea market.

Paris flea market is one of the best flea markets in Europe thanks to the rare treasures it hides. African art, vintage decorative pieces, and clothing are only a few of the things you’ll find in this huge flea market.

If you wish to bring a small piece of Paris with you, then the Paris flea market is the place to shop. You start your quest on Rue des Rosiers, the main street, and walk down in order to go into the separate markets. 

When? Saturday-Monday

How to get there? Take the metro, head to Porte de Clignancourt on Line 4, and follow the crowds towards the large concrete overpass.

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Paris Beautiful Flea Market


6. Brussels Jeu De Balle Market

The only flea market that is open 365 days a year, the Jeu de Balle market in Brussels, is also the biggest in Belgium.

In the heart of the Marolles district, you’ll find vintage records, and rare books laid out on blankets. In nearby streets, you’ll find second-hand and antique shops.

When? The best time to go on a treasures quest is on Thursday and Friday.

Where? Place du Jeu de Balle Brussels

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Brussels Jeu De Balle Market


7. Milan

There are several flea markets in Milan, and that’s not surprising as it is the fashion capital of the world. The Mercatone dell’Antiquariato is the biggest flea market in Milan and takes place on the last Sunday of every month. There will be 380 stands of antique furniture and vintage clothes, waiting for you.

However, the hippest flea market in Milan is East Market. If you are looking for collectible pieces or modern artwork then you’ll fall in love with the East flea market. Besides, you can grab lunch or beer on the DJ set, while you are wandering around the cool market stands. Once you step in, you won’t want to ever leave this retro & vintage party.

Where? Via Mecenate, 84

When? Every Sunday

How to get to East Market in Milan? Take the M2 metro line

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Milan Clothing Flea Market



Europe is an enchanting fusion of retro and modern, that come to live in the most amazing flea markets. A trip to Europe won’t be complete without spending a day in one of the best 7 flea markets in Europe. Moreover, returning home without at least 1 piece of vintage is like you’ve never visited Europe at all.


Here at Save A Train, we will be happy to help you plan your trip to these 7 best flea markets in Europe train.



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