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(Last Updated On: 03/12/2021)

South Africa is a land of excitement, diversity, and rich cultural significance. It is estimated that close to 17 million visitors travelled to South Africa last year alone, and this is a number that will most likely grow this year. It’s a place of beautiful scenery, important history, wonderful food, and an abundance of things to see and do as a tourist.

If you’re looking to visit this incredible country, you probably want to know what there is to do. There are loads of things that play a part in having the best experience, especially as there are so many bustling tourist attractions, but it’s sometimes nice to go off the beaten track a little. These are five of the most interesting spots in South Africa that you might not be familiar with.


1. Tembe Elephant Park

Most people heading to South Africa for a safari adventure will most likely be looking to go to Kruger National Park. And there’s no doubting that it’s one of the most important, beautiful places in the whole country. But, South Africa offers so many unique and breathtaking safari experiences, and heading to Tembe Elephant Park is one of the best ways of seeing elephants up close and personal!


2. Route 72

Route 72 is situated on the Eastern Cape and is the coastal road that links Port Elizabeth with East London. It’s one of the most picturesque driving routes in the whole of South Africa, and definitely a spot you should be interested in. There are a lot of things to see and experience on this route – try to take it all in as much as possible. Make sure you bring your camera along with you, too!


3. Pretoria

Pretoria is a unique, underrated city in South Africa’s Gauteng province. There’s plenty to explore here, such as the union buildings, Church Square, and Pretoria Zoo.

However, one of the most impressive parts about Pretoria is the Pretoria to Cape Town train journey. It runs for 1,600 km and takes 27 hours to complete – and the best part is that you get to travel on the iconic Blue Train company. With their Cordon Bleu menu, the company offers some of the best train meals worldwide. This is the ultimate off the beaten (railway) track experience that will help you see South Africa in a totally new light.


4. Amatola Mountains

The Amatola Mountains remain one of the most stunning spots in the whole of South Africa. There’s so much natural beauty to take in that this small town nestled in the mountains is like stepping into a completely new world.

There are a lot of things to do here, such as hiking and walking trails. Amatola Forest in Hogsback is claimed to have been the inspiration for Mirkwood from J.R.R. Tolkien’s acclaimed children’s fantasy classic The Hobbit! This is the perfect experience for solo travellers, couples, and families alike. Who wouldn’t want to trek through Mirkwood?

5. Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort is known as the Kingdom of Pleasure regionally and can be reached with a two-hour drive from Joburg. This luxury resort and casino is the perfect place for anybody who’s looking for a bit of opulence with their South African adventure. There are some lovely hotels here, as well as two award-winning golf courses, and a 7,000-strong crocodile sanctuary.

As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful experiences to be had all across South Africa. So many people visit the better-known parts, but these are some of the most unusual. If you can think of any we’ve missed, please drop us a line in the comments section.


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