Sijhawm Nyeem Ntawv: 6 feeb
(Xeem tshiab Nyob: 03/02/2023)

Ntau lub tebchaws nyob sab Europe tau txhawb nqa lub tsheb ciav hlau taug kev hla lub davhlau luv luv. Fabkis, Lub teb chaws Yelemees, lub UK, Switzerland, thiab Norway yog ib lub tebchaws nyob sab Europe txwv kev ya davhlau luv luv. Qhov no yog ib feem ntawm kev siv zog tiv thaiv kev kub ntxhov thoob ntiaj teb. Yog li, 2022 had become a year when rail ousted short-haul flights in Europe, thawj zaug hauv Fabkis, nrog rau ntau lub teb chaws ua raws 2023.

  • Rail Thauj Yog Tus Eco-phooj ywg Way Mus ncig teb chaws. Qhov tsab xov xwm no sau ntawv mus rau kev kawm rau txog tsheb ciav hlau Mus ncig teb chaws los ntawm Txuag A tsheb ciav hlau, Cov Cov Vev Xaib pheej Yig Tshaj Hauv Ntiaj Teb.

The Origin Of The Short-Haul Flights Ban In Europe

The aviation industry is one of the top sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, growing by 29% nyob rau hauv 2019. While governments tried to fight these numbers, the reality is that less than 7% of passenger transport is operated by trains. This is a surprising figure since one-third of the busiest short-haul flights have trains under 6 teev.

Yog li ntawd, Greenpeace joined forces with prominent European governments to fight climate change. Recent research by Greenpeace commissioned presents the following outstanding numbers: 73 ntawm lub 250 busiest short-haul flights in Europe, in countries like Switzerland, and the UK, have train alternatives under six hours, thiab 41 have direct night train alternatives.

Zaub pob los Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Antwerp rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau Utrecht tsheb ciav hlau


How Rail Ousted Short Haul Flights


Europeans Supporting A Ban On Short-Haul Flights

The short-haul flight ban is a massive change in European regional and international transportation. While most Europeans travel by train between countries and use intercity trains, tourists on euro trips might find train traveling challenging. nonetheless, train travel is about to become the primary way of traveling in Europe, and the locals are all for it.

A recent European Investment Bank survey shows that 62% ntawm Europeans txhawb kev txwv tsis pub caij luv luv. The majority of people in Germany (63%), Fabkis, thiab Lub Netherlands (65%) prefer night trains. The challenge European rail companies are facing is providing sleeper tsheb ciav hlau and all the necessities that make a good night’s sleep possible while traveling. The EU is so supportive of this act, that anyone can now access Greenpeace’s sib tham sib daim ntawv qhia ntawm teb chaws Europe and add the train routes they would like to see created or improved.


Highest Train Bridge In Europe


France Is The First Where Rail Ousted Short – Haul Flights

France is the first country to ban short-haul flights officially. Thiaj li, passengers who preferred the luxury of flying everywhere in France will now have to change to travel by train. While train traveling sounds tedious, a train journey lasting less than 2.5 hours has many advantages. chiv, flights in 6 routes were planned to be canceled permanently. Txawm li cas los, train routes to the airport make it impossible for passengers to arrive early enough in the morning for international flights.

Short-haul flights will cease to operate on the following three routes in France: Paris – Nantes, Lyon, thiab Bordeaux. Es tsis txhob, rail travel will replace flights since there is an excellent alternative of 2 hours to the 1-hour plane flight. Ntxiv mus, if train services will be improved between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Lyon and Rennes and between Lyon and Marseille, these routes will join the new policy.

Amsterdam rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

London rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

Rotterdam rau Paris tsheb ciav hlau

Zaub pob los Paris tsheb ciav hlau


The Advantages Of Traveling By Train

Train travel is the quickest way to travel in Europe thanks to well-connected regional and international rail routes. Tsis tas li ntawd, train traveling offers many perks you cannot enjoy when traveling by plane. Ua ntej, at train stations, passengers are not required to passport control, xyuas kev ruaj ntseg, and check-in, which saves a lot of time and hassle.

Thib ob, when traveling by train, you can enjoy beautiful views that are not available from the plane’s window. Piv txwv li, many train journeys in Europe offer a window to Europe’s most scenic villages and valleys, like the Loire valley. Thib peb, unlike planes, many rail companies provide free Wi-Fi on trains. Yog li ntawd, if you travel business or executive, Wi-Fi is included in the ticket fare.

Zaub pob los Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

London rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Berlin rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau

Paris rau Amsterdam tsheb ciav hlau



Cross-Border Travel: Rail Or Short-Haul Flights

Everyone has a story about that time an hour’s trip turned into a 48-hour nightmare. While passengers are more accustomed to traveling by plane, cross-border travel by train is by far more accessible, greener, and a considerable time and money saver. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, most rail passengers are unaware of the fact that high-speed trains, like the French TGV, yog 40 minutes faster and cheaper than a plane.

Piv txwv li, the German ICE rail can take you from Brussels to Cologne in less than 5 teev. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, you can add a stop in Paris on the way to Cologne, again via a high-speed train. On qhov tsis tooj, if you travel by plane, requires additional time to collect baggage, and the risk of airport and flight delays, whereas trains are punctual across Europe. Yog li, cross-border rail traveling is ideal in Europe.

Frankfurt rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Leipzig rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hanover rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau

Hamburg rau Berlin tsheb ciav hlau


Red Train

The Future Of Short-Haul Flights In Europe

While France is the pioneer, ousting short-haul flights in 3 kev, Austria has ousted Salzburg to Vienna flight route. Germany is still considering the move, like Norway and Poland. The future of short-haul flights is still unknown, but with Generation Z preferring green travel, cultural experiences, and exploring local communities, alternative train travel could provide for all these needs.

Ntxiv mus, exploring the not-yet-taken train routes might promote tourism in less-popular destinations in Europe. This will not only reduce airport traffic, and chaos but will also reduce over-tourism in popular places in Europe.

Salzburg rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Munich rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Graz rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau

Prague rau Vienna tsheb ciav hlau


Vintage Photo In The Train Restaurant

New International Train Trips To Take in 2023

As part of the efforts to upgrade night rail services, some of Europe’s best night trains have returned at new timetables. Piv txwv li, passengers can now choose between, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, and Zagreb. The new overnight train runs departs Venice at 8.29 pm.

With these new connections, travelers can explore amazing destinations. This is thanks to not only new train routes, but better, improved, thiab tseem ceeb tshaj environment-friendly night trains. Another great international rail route includes an overnight train from Prague or Dresden to Basel. Ntxiv mus, travelers can even stop in lovely Saxony. Yog li ntawd, you depart after dinner and arrive in beautiful Switzerland in the morning. How wonderful it is to have the option of wandering the fairytale-like streets of Prague in the afternoon and hiking up the glorious beauty of the Swiss Alps. Tag nrho cov nyob rau hauv tag nrho cov, recent years have proved that travel industry made a significant shift where rail not only ousted short-haul flights in Europe, but also became a high quality and service transportation, that satisfy all needs.

Interlaken rau Zurich tsheb ciav hlau

Lucerne rau Zurich tsheb ciav hlau

Bern rau Zurich tsheb ciav hlau

Geneva rau Zurich tsheb ciav hlau


Yuav kom xaus, train travel is greener, and offers a window to some of the beautiful views in Europe. Peb nyob ntawm Txuag A tsheb ciav hlau yuav zoo siab los pab koj npaj rau lub tsheb ciav hlau mus txawv tebchaws thiab nrhiav tau daim pib tsheb ciav hlau zoo tshaj plaws ntawm tus nqi zoo tshaj.



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