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Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands may well be the best party in Holland. On 27 April, they celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. The king himself travels through the country with his family. On the night before King’s Day, King’s Night is celebrated with music shows in The Hague and other cities and the nation’s biggest flea (‘free’) market in Utrecht. Ready to find out what it’s all about? here’s why you should be Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands.

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Originally, Princess Day was celebrated in Holland on Wilhelmina’s birthday (31 August), when she was still a princess. The party had several parts to it, including; many children’s games and decorated streets. When Wilhelmina became the new queen after her father’s death, it was changed to Queen’s Day.

Juliana, the next queen and Wilhelmina’s daughter, celebrated Queen’s Day on 30 April with a parade on SoestdijkBeatrix also celebrated Queen’s Day on 30 April (her own birthday is in January) but contrary to her mother, she took her entire family and traveled around the country to visit several municipalities. King Willem Alexander followed this tradition. He was born on 27 April and this became the official Day in 2014 for Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands.

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ORANGE EVERYTHING on Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands!

The Dutch royal family bears the name: House of Oranje. This literally means the color orange. As a result, it has become Holland’s national color. On King’s Day, you’ll find everyone wearing orange in some way or form. So, get shopping!

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While Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands, people are allowed to sell things on the street without requiring a permit. Free Flea markets are held in parks and streets, with many people offering their unwanted possessions, music, or other entertainment for sale. Think of it as a garage sale, but on a much larger scale! In Utrecht, the flea markets even start the night before King’s Day. So get your walking shoes on.

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LET’S TOAST to Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands!

Every feast requires a toast! Right? On King’s Day, the people make a toast to the king with Orange Bitter, a bright orange liqueur. Of course, this keeps with the tradition of wearing orange, too! The drink was created in 1620 to celebrate Prince Fredrick Henry’s victory. Initially, it was not well-known but after William of Orange became the first king, it was produced once more. Since then, Orange Bitter has been closely associated with the Dutch royal family.

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Holland loves their booze and after decades of smart marketing by Heineken, their Dutch commercial pride, everyone is hooked on the foamy sweet nectar of the gods during King’s Day.

No beer glass is left full, no mind is left clear. If there is ever a day to really let your hair down, this would be it! And it’s not just King’s Day, the King’s Night before is half the fun. It’s usually as busy as King’s Day minus the kids and families. That means even less inhibition to spill your beer, and slur your words.

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Family Fun

Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands is not only for grown-ups. There are plenty of activities taking place across the city for the young and young at heart including face-painting, games, and sports events. Check the King’s Day family fun page for more information.

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King’s Night & Day Parties

Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands is a public holiday but certainly not a day of rest. The Dutch, ex-pats, and tourists alike flock to Amsterdam for a day of celebration. The fun traditionally begins on the eve of the big day (King’s Night) with the carnival atmosphere continuing throughout the city on King’s Day. DJs play parties on public squares, brightly decorated boats fill canals, and live music spills onto streets from cafe patios. Read more about King’s Day events.


Celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands on the Canals

Never has gridlock traffic been so much fun! On King’s Day, thousands of brightly decorated boats pack the narrow Amsterdam canals. Hot Tip. Book a boat in advance!

Celebrating King's Day in the Netherlands on the canals

Take part in the annual King’s Day in Amsterdam on an amazing 1.5-hour canal cruise through the city center. Marvel at the brightly decorated boats and enjoy unlimited onboard beverages.

About this activity:
– Duration 90 minutes
– Skip the line
– Printed or mobile voucher accepted
– Instant confirmation
– Easy cancellation


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