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Across the world, tipping has very different implications and practices, for example: Tipping in South Africa is required, as it is in the USA. You are expected to leave a tip of between 15 and 25% in America, and if you don’t you may very well be chased by an irate waiter. But what about Europe? Many bills in Europe will be inclusive of tips, however, this does vary from country to country. Knowing the particular tipping practices in your destination country will avoid confusion and possible negative feelings. So read on for the ultimate guide to tipping in Europe!

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Ultimate Guide To Tipping In Europe By Service

Tipping in Europe generally varies depending on the sort of service that you are receiving. For example, you would be expected to tip a waiter in a five-star restaurant on a different basis to a server behind a counter. Bartenders would not expect a tip at all in some cases, where taxi drivers would. Using your discretion, and generosity is always a good way to go when deciding on the correct tip. Also, most places require that you tip in cash, so be sure to carry a few Euro notes on you at all times.

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Tipping In Europe restaurants


Tipping In Restaurants

Any situation where food or drinks are brought to the table usually requires a tip. The amount depends on the sort of dining that you are enjoying. The standard procedure for tipping in Europe is to leave one or two Euro bills on top of the bill amount if a round of drinks but no food is ordered. Full meals in a sit-down environment are different. In this case, a few euros per person is usually sufficient.  Five-star restaurants across Europe usually include the tip in their bill. Be sure to check this as there is no need to leave an extra tip unless you really enjoyed your service. Excellent service does sometimes require an extra tip, so in these cases, you may go all the way up to 15%.

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Most pubs or bars across the continent don’t expect tips at all. Bartenders are paid a salary, and while a few coins in the tip jar will most likely be appreciated, it is not necessary. if you do tip, again remember to use only cash, either notes or coins. In case you are at a loose end here is a list of the 5 Best Bars With Live Music In Europe.

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Stylists And Spa’s

Many people want to get a fresh new hairdo, or a relaxing massage while on holiday. Luckily you will find spas and stylists all over Europe, often in almost every town. Tipping, in either case, is usually about ten percent. If you are incredibly happy with the service that you received, you may go as high as 15%.

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Stylists And Spa's



Hotels are a frequent query when it comes to the question of tipping in Europe. As a rule of thumb, one should always follow the One Euro guideline. This basically states that you leave one Euro in tips per service. If a bellhop or porter carries your bags, then one Euro per bag is sufficient. House cleaning should receive a Euro a day. Tipping your concierge is at your own discretion, but it should depend on the level of service that you have received. If they have gone above and beyond to may your stay memorable and pleasurable, then a tip of five to ten euros or even beyond is appropriate.

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What To Tip Taxis And Transport

Taxi’s and Ubers are an internal part of getting around Europe. When choosing what to tip, it is best to keep in mind how the driver is paid. Generally, though, a two Euro tip for a short taxi or Uber ride is appropriate. Apps such as Uber allow you to tip the driver electronically, while metered taxis will require cash. Tipping in Europe while traveling is much the same as tipping in bars or restaurants. Keep in mind that it is not always necessary, but often appreciated.  Booking your train tickets for your European trip is simple and easy with The Cheapest Train Tickets Website In The World.

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Ultimate Guide To Tipping In Europe


Ultimate Guide To Tipping In Europe By Country

Most countries follow the same general guidelines when it comes to tipping in Europe. Of course, one should always research the intended destination before traveling in order to make sure that you are fully up to date. Train travel can often take you through several countries at the same time, so being sure exactly what to do in each one is always helpful. Some countries do stand out from their counterparts in terms of rules, however.

Iceland And Scandinavia

Whether it is a throwback to their Viking origins or just simple politeness, these countries prefer you not to tip at all. Most restaurants and services will have the tip included in the bill. It is still appropriate to round the bill up to the nearest Euro instead of a tip either via cash or credit card.


Greece And Cyprus 

The Greek’s do everything a bit differently, and tipping is no exception. Larger bills require smaller tips and smaller bills require larger tips.



Leave at least a 5% tip, in cash for servers, even if the bill includes gratuity.  Cash is always king in most European countries, and Austria is no different.

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What To Tip In Ireland And Scotland

Known for their friendliness, both of these nations will carry your bags happily. Tipping for luggage porters is not essential, and is usually not expected. Being gracious and saying thank you politely is, however, expected. If you wish to receive the same service in the future from your porter, be sure to acknowledge them positively.


Tipping In Europe bars


What To Tip In Europe – Britain

Many British people have tried to explain to tourists that tipping housekeeping is really not needed. When it comes to tipping in Europe, this is one of the firmest rules. Don’t leave a tip on your hotel room, it will most likely be handed in at the front desk as lost money. Bartenders also do not expect tips, and tipping them can be frowned upon. By all means, be friendly and acknowledge your bartender. Put a few coins into the tip jar if there is one. If not, rather leave the tip out of the equation.

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Rounding All The Information Regarding Tipping In Europe

The best advice for tipping in Europe is to do your homework. Read all about the country, or countries that you are planning to visit. remember that train trips often take you through a number of countries that you may be able to stop at. Always bring cash, both coins, and a few notes to tip in cash. If you are unsure of the policies, stick to the ten percent rule for restaurants, and the one Euro rule for everything else. 


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